Really, really wide variety of equipment

Richard -
I’m hoping this is allowed. It’s an auction site for everything but some of the hi-fi equipment seems to be extremely different. I’m certain a large portion never made it to the U.S. Just saw a pair of rogers DB 101 - unlike any Rogers speakers I’ve ever seen. not sure if the sides are burled wood or some sort of plastic, but looks terrific. Also - much more mundane was a “Dual” turntable built into an integrated amp (not so odd) except I’m sure the amp was the old “standard” company (my first system) which was actually the company that built the early Sony/superscope/marantz. The site is Catawiki com

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I found a Sony Psx 555 . 230 euros. I wonder how that tt can sound. Looks like sophisticated.

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Benjy, I would guess that like any online auction site, the usual caveats apply.

The predecessor to the PSX-555ES, the PSX-800, was my first proper turntable. I must have been around 14 and saw it in the window of Potter Brothers, the local Sony and B&O dealer in Tenterden. I was in love and spent almost all my savings on buying it. Only problem was I had no amp or speakers and had to wait until I had earned enough over the Summer holidays to afford a JVC AX-2 amp, AT MC transformer, and a pair of Wharfedale speakers.

I wish I had hung onto the PSX-800 as they’re now very sought after indeed. A few years back I did buy a lovely example of it’s Aiwa stablemate though - the LP-3000, which was a lot of fun. It cost over £600 when new back in 1980!


I wasn’t so much concerned with the auctions themselves. I wasn’t sure if I could name the site. I have always loved examining a lot of hi-fi equipment for the way it looks and they seem to be a good place to see some things that you might never see otherwise.Right now they have some B&O auctions. While their equipment always looked good for it’s time, some of the old wooden cabinet receivers, which probably never made it very far at the time still look amazing . I think they were 700/900. But always some truly interesting pieces.

I’ve a soft spot for Rogers db101’s. Not the most accurate or commercially successful, but they’re a high sensitivity and are very fun. Worked in a shop that had 28 of them spread across 3 floors, sounded terrific.

some lovely tube radios on the site, bidding isn’t enabled for those in Australia and no doubt a few other countries - so that will save some money

I saw also a nice BO turntable

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