Rear sticker for NAC 82?


Clutching at straws here, but just in case…

I recently bought a Nac 82 with a very damaged rear sticker. I’d like to replace it with another. Naim told me they don’t have replacements and an email (and follow up) asking if they had a template or drawings they could photograph and send me so I could get my own made up have remained unanswered after a fortnight.

Has anyone any idea what I might do?

I would leave it be. You will hardly ever see the back of the unit.

If you need to know what each socket is for, look online for a manual. If you really, absolutely want to make a new sticker, again, look online for images of the sticker in question, and go from there.

Not sure what you mean by a sticker. Here’s the back. Is it all the text?

Then older ones had stickers, the newer ones were printed direct on the metal.

Ah I see. Unfortunately mine is long gone. That was just an image from the internet.

The one in the image is a sticker. See the cut-outs around the sockets.

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