Rebooting streamers after firmware upgrade

I’ve read a few posts about the sound of streamers going off after a firmware upgrade, and how rebooting can get things working properly again. I’ve been a member of the Beta group for ages and have loaded many updates. I’ve never rebooted the system and it’s all been fine.

However, a couple of days ago I put on Rickie Lee Jones’s debut album and it sounded bloody awful. Mrs HH was listening too and she thought it sounded bloody awful too. It really was bad and I went to bed a bit glum.

When I woke up the idea of rebooting came to me, and I recalled doing an update a few days earlier. So I put the NDX2 into deep sleep mode, unplugged it and left it for a couple of hours. I then turned it back on again and what do you know, it sounds great again.

I’ve no idea why this might happen, but the sound is transformed. Maybe I should have done it sooner, but I’m pleased I’ve done it now. Had Mrs HH not been there I’d have said it was in my head, or due to my dodgy hearing, but as she heard it too it can’t be in my imagination.

Whether it’s just due to the software upgrade I don’t know. It may be worth doing from time to time regardless.


Transformers need reboot now and then. Even more so if they hum and there’s DC on the grid.

Always reboot my ndx2 after firmware update. But then again, if I’m not going to use it for a while, I turn the xpsdr off ( stops the bugger humming if nothing else).
So my ndx2 gets a regular reboot.

I have to unplug my NDX2 after an update because it just hangs there and the standby button just blinks. I have had to do this a couple of times since i’ve had this in 10 months i’ve had it, it worries me a bit because i think i may of bricked it.

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