Rebuild Music Database

I’ve recently bought a Uniti Star. Thanks to a nice deal from the Hifi store, as it was really beyond my budget. I was going for the Atom initially, as such I was ripping my CD’s on my computer with EAC already (alphabetically, I was at ‘H’ already). I noticed that while by sheer coincidence I used the same folder and naming conventions in EAC as the Star, however, the metadata is different. Now here’s the question: I can’t find a exact definition of what ‘Rebuild Music Database’ does…except that it does re-indexing…which can mean a lot of things… But can I safely use this feature without screwing up the metadata from two different ripping sources? Question 2: what use does Rebuilding Music Database really have? What’s in it for me… Will the access to the files become faster?

I do not know the answer. However, if you do decide to make sure you keep a back up of the ripped music and meta data before starting anything.

Also, Naim’s way of handling metadata is not standard and many other applications can’t read it and my NAS storage and Plex server do not play nicely with my Star. Because of this I currently use a large SD card plugged into the back of the Star, and will either move to an SSD or a larger SD card, which ever is the cheaper when I have run out of space.

Thanks. Naim support also suggested to me not to use it unless really needed (well… instructed) to re-index. Like removing a track from a ripped cd folder would no longer match the metadata file. So really troubleshooting. I did find out by the way that when using EAC as a ripper, renaming the cover art file to ‘coverfront’ makes it show up in the app/Uniti screen. Just cannot edit any non-native rips like these with the app - the instructions for editing metadata I found via the Uniti Core support page by the way. Happy enough so far! (storing all on a 256GB USB)

None of the Naim CD ripper/servers allow you to edit metadata on downloads, only on CDs ripped on that device. When you download any music, it’s best to edit the metadata, if required, on the computer you are using at the time, so that it’s correct when you save it to the drive you use on the Star.

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