Recap my NAP135s or DR my NAP 250.2?


I am thinking about upgrading my 2nd system and would like to improve my amp. There is an NDX feeding a 282 into a 250.2. The speakers are Ovator 600s.

The first idea is to DR my 250.2, a step which improved my main system‘s NAP300 considerably. But then I also have a pair of old NAP135s lying around which would surely need a recap.

The investment being about the same, I am guessing what would help my Ovators the best… I have not heard recapped 135s so far, but like the sound signature of the old boxes I have.

I appreciate any help/ideas! Has anyone had the comparison? What would you choose!?

Regards, Bert

I’m curious, what is a NAP130? I hadn’t heard of it and checked the product history. Are you talking about 135s or something else?

Sorry for the typo and the hint! :relaxed: I was referring to 135 monoblocks…

Those are nice things to have lying around; I should check my cupboards!

I can’t really offer anything useful, I’m afraid, although I also DRed my 250.2 and know how good that made it. Best of luck.

I had 135’s in the past and now run a 250DR. It’s a close call but there is something about the drive and vice-like grip of serviced 135’s that is hard to beat.



I run active Ovator 600s with 4x135s … love the sound

I had a 3 week loan of a 300dr in place of my 135’s which I didn’t get on with then whilst the 135’s went of for a good service I borrowed a 250dr which I much preferred to the 300dr thought it was more musical and less hifi but when the 135’s returned it bettered them both and it’s cheaper to get the 135’s recapped than dr’ing the 250 just my tuppence worth


I ‘swapped’ my 135’s out for a 300 years back and did somewhat regret it.


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135s were the epitome of 80s and 90s systems. With the black boxes came the notion that the sound was more integrated when the power amp was stereo. But there are many on this forum who love the sound of 135s. They are special when on song. If I could have found a pair I would not have hesitated to buy them instead of the 250.2, but having gone down this route I am extremely happy with the 250DR. One thought though is that the 600s were developed in an era of stereo power amps, so maybe a better match?

Of course, it might be worth upgrading both and then selling the one(s) you don’t like?


Can we not do a six pack of 135 in to the S600? :sunglasses:

Yes indeed, or even into a pair of DBLs…

Sounds awesome!

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Wonder why Naim doesn’t still make mono amps?
I love my 135s but a pair of 270s…
Keep them Olive please-


They do, they are the Statement mono power amps, unfortunately rather expensive.

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Mono block 500’s😎
Let’s do that!!

NAP1500 as they should have been called.

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I think because, where two boxes are used, there was heard to be a greater performance advantage in splitting the power supply from the amplifier output section. Hence, if you look at the successor to the NAP135s, which is most likely the NAP300, you still have two boxes, except one is PSU for both channels and the other is amplification for both channels.


Yes, Naim stance is it’s better to separate Power supply and head unit. And also single power supply works better than 2 separate power supplies.

But personally I would pick 135s over 300 any day. The 300 has more detail, sure and perhaps covers more of the audio spectrum but it cannot match the 135 for rhythm, pace and drive or what I would call power. The visceral punch of the 135s is addictive.


Indeed this is what I was told at a Naim day at Ceritech.

Isn’t the 300 just 2 x 135’s in a box all be it a more modern designand the other box the transformer, with the biggest difference between them being the separation, but the 135’s have 2 transformers rather than just one in the 300, which must help ?

Dunc, see my post above.