Recap or upgrade with new Naim?

At the moment I don’t have enough funds to do the sevice for hicap

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Finally today I have pick up the 72/180 after the service. Although it takes a few weeks for the sound to be at its best, I must say that what I’m hearing is stunning and I can’t stop listening!
As soon as my finances are better, I will also service the hi cap.
I made a mistake: the cd is 3, not 3.5. In your opinion, is the 3.5 `better qualitatively? If I have to upgrade, do you recommend it?

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The CD 3.5 benefits from being upgradeable with a power supply such as a flatcap or hicap.

I would be a little cautious about replacing your CD3 for a I am uncertain about whether Naim can continue to repair these old models. Best to speak to your service agents as to whether they can repair them.

Having said that a 3.5 would be a good upgrade with a flatcap over a 3. The CD3 cannot be upgraded with a power supply.

There are better Naim olive CD players : CD1, CD2, CDX, CDS and CDS2 are all better than the CD3 and CD3.5.

My personal experience is with a CDS2 with XPS. It was simply amazing and is arguably better than the CDS3 which replaced it. I have owned both CD players so I know how good they are.

However, that being said what’s your budget?

Thank you for all the precious info.
I see that CD1 , CD2 are expensive. My budget, after selling my CD, will be around € 500/660. I also have a flatcap which is currently unused after i bought the hicap.

But looking at the back of the CD I see that there are some output and I read NACD 3-5, (attached

photo) while on the box packaging I read CD3 …

Fantastic! You have the CD 3.5 then and a flatcap! Just attach the flatcap to the 3.5 using the Snaic cable supplied with the flatcap. My guess is that the Flatcap will fully power the 3.5 without needing to plug in the 3.5. I don’t have one so maybe someone can clarify. Or just tey it without plugging in the CD 3.5.

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I previously had the CD5 XS which also had the FlatCap connected to upgrade the power supply.

I think the FlatCap powers the signal side, but you still need the original mains cable for the buttons and screen, etc. Is this the same for the CD3.5?

Another upgrade if not already done so, is to add a PowerLine or PowerLine Lite.


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The CD3.5 in the picture will need to have its link plug fitted in order to work properly (the analogue output stage won’t work without it, or else connect up a suitable power supply such as Flatcap). A concern is why the link plug socket is covered in something white - possibly fungus of some sort?

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Very good! So I can connect flatcap to the CD3.5. At the moment I don’t have the connection cable because I’m using it to connect hicap and pre. So now I’ll have to look for a cable on the internet.
Can anyone tell me how the flat cap is connected to the CD? (there are 4 output on the flatcap)
So the plug of the CD will always have to be connected to the power socket?

Thanks, I didn’t know of the existence of Power Line.

I don’t know, could it be oxide? The plug has always been covered with the dedicated Naim cap

You need a SNAIC 5 - be careful, only use a proper Naim SNAIC.

Yes, you’ll need power to both the CD3.5 and the Flatcap as the latter only dedicates power to the analogue output stage of the CD3.5.


I see that on the we there are non-original cables for sale. Do these cables do not meet Naim specifications?
So should I look for the famous Snaic gray cables?
thanks a lot for the help

They may be perfectly OK but as they carry power, and are outside of Naim’s control, they cannot be recommended by Naim for safety reasons, and can not therefore be discussed on the forum. See forum FAQs.


Avoid non-Naim “SNAICs”. At best they wont perform as Naim intended, and at worst their use may damage equipment and void any warranty.


Black Naim SNAIC’s are better… :snake:


As @IanRobertM says get a black SNAIC 5.


Ok, I will search for a used black SNAIC 5.
Thanks to all for precious advice!

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