Recap/ service certificate?

I have recap (not DR) my NAP-250 and was expecting a certificate/ specification with what was made/ change/ replaced. I asked Naim support but they say that they dont have this?
I found this very strange, it is a strong value point which rises the Naim brand and quality even more. Im not talking about warranty, just a specification/ certificate.
any thoughts?

I’ve gone through my dealer to Naim for a service and asked my dealer for this. Never got it. Next service my dealer sent to Class A. Asked for some idea of what had been done. Again nothing.

Darran@ClassA used to provide a job sheet with the returned unit. He now emails a copy. I have never gone via a Dealer. Darran has always arranged collection and delivery back to my house. Maybe you had no job sheet as you went through a dealer rather than direct to Darran.

I bought a NAP120 that had been serviced by Naim. It was supplied with the job sheet that Naim had completed although this was addressed to the dealer that booked it in rather than to an individual customer.

The job sheet listed what had been done. I’ve seen similar sheets for other pieces of Naim equipment I’ve had in the past.

Maybe the dealer has it?

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Dealer told me they had it. I’ve never seen it.

A job sheet will usually be supplied by Naim to the dealer who sent in the kit for service but of course it may be just one amongst a number of other items on the same sheet that they may have sent along at the same time However, it shouldn’t be too hard for the dealer to let you know what was done. So I would ask the dealer who sent it in here.


No they dont. I also asked Naim and they say that they dont do this? I find it very strange because as I said, this would be good marketing value of Naim products and keep up 2 nd hand prices also?


Naim will still be able to tell any prospective buyer the service history though. Regardless if you have a job sheet. The value is that the item of equipment has been back to them, and they use their expertise to appropriately service it. It isn’t in the detail that a certain number of caps have been replaced. And you’ll have a receipt. What extra value do you think having the detail will add? Or take away? Sometimes Naim will not replace caps if it isn’t necessary IIRC.

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As of 2019, using efacs and crystal, there was very definitely a dedicated rma job sheet produced. At the top was the Naim product info, serial number, rma number etc. at the bottom was the detail of what was done plus all the parts used. I redesigned it into portrait format as the landscape format wasn’t great, and the service team wanted it improved. You could reprint from crystal, it just grabbed the data from efacs.

Summer 2020 it was scheduled to move away from efacs so perhaps the new system doesn’t support this though I’d be surprised the same facility wasn’t in the requirements.


Yes, I have the receipt but a service note would add more value I think. Compare with a car; fully servicebook with list what is replaced will make a difference in the value of the car/ equipment?

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I kinda agree actually X)

I had a job sheet for a NAIT 3 service a few years back, it called out the capacitor replacement, plus a nice note about the balance pot being cleaned up.

congrats. This is what Im searching for. does anybody know which parts is replaced in NAP-250-2? (2006 model)

Service jobs like that had a build list similar to the bom for any other product build. It would be a list of caps etc whatever parts were routinely replaced. Any others swapped would be listed against that specific rma.

You need to talk to the service dept via Naim support, provide your serial number plus an rma number if you have it though that should be stored against your serial.

I can’t comment on the current protocol ref what is isn’t provided as paperwork, but the data was being captured in efacs. And I’d be surprised if it wasn’t being captured in the efacs replacement system.

I’ve had job sheets back detailing the work done. They usually have the fixer’s initials and the immortal, and understated, phrase : Tested OK

I’ve been known to write back to HQ, thank whoever for the service and all who dealt with it down to whoever in despatch, who also packed the item up so well. I also let them know that it may have ‘tested okay’ but it sounds bloody brilliant.


@NeilS will probably know off the top of his head all the parts changed as part of a NAP250.2 service.

Class A always do this… :thinking:

For Naim units, they list the parts which have been replaced. So for a HiCap, say:

  • 2 x 15,000μF @ 63V Capacitor
  • 4 x 10μF @ 35V Capacitor
  • 4 x Foot

My NAP200 was serviced by Class A in Sheffield and I got an itemised invoice of all items replaced by type of component.


Naim upgrade and service didn’t specify but stated


1 x Burndy in box.
Special Instructions:
DR upgrade
Fitted DR channels & fascia/logo.
Tested ok GS."

Darran gave an invoice with a list of parts fitted.


In a car you may choose to replace this or that component, or perform only certain services. A Naim service on a certain unit is the Naim service on that unit; there is no additional value to be had other than knowing Naim serviced it on date X, which the receipt will do.

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My 202 and 200 were both serviced earlier this year. I was disappointed that my dealer had no service sheet or similar details to pass on from Naim.

Given that Naim’s pixies often do a professional and conscientious job by cleaning up/swapping out all sorts of things if they spot it’s needed and don’t just replace a few standard parts, this was a missed opportunity to show just what a thorough job they do. Asking Naim in future years about these units will just yield a glib ‘Serviced 2021’ with no evidence of the extra value you (might) get.


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