Recapped 140, or newer 200 / 250?

My setup is currently a DAC V1, 140, and B&W 601S2. Previously, CDX, 72, 140, and 601S2. The 140 is overdue for a recap, and I think has unsurprisingly lost some PRAT and cohesiveness at higher volumes.

I’m wondering if a slightly-used 200 or 250, while more expensive and due for its own recapping in 3-5 years, would be a significant upgrade from a freshly-recapped 140 for PRAT and control . I’m also considering a few different speakers, such as ATC or Dynaudio bookshelves. I do not expect to replace the V1 with a 272 any time soon, nor do I expect to move to larger tower speakers.

Not having heard a new or recapped 140, I’d love to hear other’s experiences or suggestions, please?

I’d just service the 140. A lovely amp.

I went over a period of a couple of months from 282/HC/200 to 72/HC/200 to 72/HC/140 to 72/140 (all freshly serviced).

I still have the 72 in my main system fed by a SC. The 140 is a lovely, fun amp, and the right shape, but I did think I lost a fair bit going from the 200 to it.

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Hello, I have Dac V1 with Nap200 and Nap 140, which was serviced very soon. Both amplifiers have an excellent partnership with the Dac V1 with a different presentation. 140 is a very good amplifier for me that makes you listen to music and have fun. On the other hand, the Nap 200 adds more detail and finesse and has better traction in the bass. I do not know who I would prefer? It may depend on the speakers and the room and best if you can make a personal comparison.

This is a very interesting perspective on the serviced 140 vs. 200, thank you. My system is in my office at the moment, which is about 11m2 in size. What speakers are you using?

I ran a V1 with a 100, 150, 140 and an olive 250. My experience was the 140 was by far the best match. It adds a good dose of the familiar Naim prat to the V-1 which I found to be one of the more sterile Naim pieces I have heard. Balances it out nicely. It absolutely trounced the 100. The 150 was better than the 100 but not as musical to my ears as the 140. In my opinion the preamp section of the V1 is simply not up the task of pairing with the big amps and sounded out of its element. Since then I have had my 140 fully rebuilt and restored. It is a timeless classic. Very capable. Extremely musical. The service was a great investment.

A much bigger decision was whether or not to have a preamp between the V1 and the amp. In every combination, whether putting a 112 or 112/flatcap between the V1 and the 150/100, or putting a 72 or 72/hicap between the V1 and the 140/250, the preamp added massively to the musical enjoyment. Frankly I think a much better move than getting a big amp would be to keep the 140, service it, and put a 72 in front of it with the savings. That is, unless you absolutely have to have a remote control.

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Fantastic info, thanks. I still have my 72 and hadn’t really considered putting it into play with the V1. I’ll hook it up this weekend and have a listen.

My speakers are SBLs, my room is 15m2.I would expect you to share your opinion on the addition of the Nac 72! I also considered this.

So, after a painfully long wait for a 4-pin to 5-pin interconnect, I’ve connected the V1 to 72 to 140. At the moment, I’m playing 16 and 24-bit ALACs from Mac iTunes to V1 via USB, same as before, except that I’ve changed the V1’s Preamp Output setting to Fixed.

I’m always hesitant to ascribe changes in sound for fear of my mind and psychology playing tricks on me. I think the sound is a bit different than V1 directly into 140. It seems like the soundstage is more defined, and the bass is a bit more muscular, but again, that could easily be my imagination. It also may be a bit more fatiguing, but that could be me playing it too loud, or that the 72 and 140 both need recaps.

The V1 is on the CD input of the 72. There is minimal range of volume adjustment on the 72. 6 o/clock is silent, of course, but 7 o’clock is already getting quite loud.

I could really increase the box count with the addition of a HiCap as well. I figure a HC2 or HCDR would really emphasize a zebra-striped look of Classic/Olive/Classic/Olive… :slight_smile:

It’s interesting to share with you. I suppose if you serve them and add HiCap, the result will be better than Dac V1 with Nap200. But if you give him a chance to try, V1 and Nap200 have a very good synergy, and here the advantage will be only two boxes.

DAC V1 with NAP140? An outrageous combination…

I.M and Snarfy both sum up the DAC V1 and NAP140 combination beautifully. They just make you want to listen to more music and have fun. The combination never fails to delight. With this combination, life’s way too short to analyse the musicians’ technique because you are too busy nodding along with the essence of the music. We absolutely love ours. Apart from the above, little to say, really…

Best regards, BF

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