Recapping Nait 3 - Help with Part!

Hello. I am in the process of recapping a recently purchased Nait 3. I have been able to figure out most of the components I want to replace accept the ones identified in the attachments. They appear silver and the writing is hard to make out, but one appears to say “100p” and “j830”. They appear in both the preamp and power amp section. Can anyone please help me identify these parts and recommend replacements? Thank you![​IMG]

they are capacitiors - 100 pico farads- i doubt these will ever need changing

Sonicolone, please note forum rules. Discussion of DIY repairs and modifications is not permitted here. If you need specific assistance then you should contact Naim service directly or else submit your unit to them (or a Naim approved service agent) for them to service the unit for you. Thank you.