Recapping/servicing a Flatcap XS

Hi all,

I’ve got a Flatcap XS (built in 2009, bought second hand ~2014), partnering my Nait XS. I had the fascia changed under warranty due to a “bleeding logo” when I got it, but later on I realised that the new fascia is not properly aligned, thus leaving a gap with the case. So I was thinking that maybe now is a good time to have it serviced and get the fascia fixed as well. Also the power cable is probably not the genuine one (90 degree Schuko plug compared to straight one of my other components), so I might ask for a replacement one and get peace of mind finally! :flushed:

Does anyone have any rough idea of the costs involved? Do you think the recapping will make any difference at this age (of the Flatcap, not mine!)? Obviously I will go check with my dealer at some point, but until I manage to find the time to do so, I thought it might be worth to take advantage of the collective wisdom of the forum!


If you’re in the UK Darran at Class A is cheaper than Naim. And he is Naim authorised too.

Thank you for your reply. I am located in Belgium, so the UK service options are not an option for me! :smiley:

It’s still worth getting serviced though. I found my Flatcap 2 a really nice upgrade.

Class A will service items sent from EU countries too, or contact your dealer.

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If in Belgium then worth giving Latham Audio a call for an estimate.

Cheers, I will check with Latham Audio and a local dealer and figure it out in the coming days/weeks. Hopefully the service cost can be recouped by a higher resale value in case the upgrade bug starts itching… which it is! :cold_sweat:

If the upgrade bug is itching then it might make more sense to forgo a service and put the money towards a future upgrade instead.

Yes, this is what I am contemplating now, as an opportunity for a second-hand SuperNAIT 2 seems to have shown up… Busy week ahead!

Are your sources up to the SN2?

My source is an Allo Digione Signature into the nDAC. Should be decent I believe. Long term plan is to add a 555PS to the nDAC and then I am done for good (famous last words… :grinning:)

I am not planning on blindly getting the SNAIT however; first I want to demo it in my place and make sure it sounds much better before I destroy the visual balance of 3 XS style boxes. But in theory my C1s should be happier with as much power as they can get…

Thanks. The marriage of theory and practice seems to be the essence of our hobby.

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