Recapping SN and Hicap in Dubai

My Supernait and Hicap are approaching 12 years of age, and I believe they are due for servicing. What options do I have? In the past, I know the previous local distributor (Dubai Audio) was fully capable of carrying the service here, but they are no longer distributors so I’m seeking for advice from both Naim itself and users. Thanks in advance!

Naim’s website lists retailers or distributors globally - you should be able to conact your local distributor for service information. At 12 years there’s a good chance that a routine recap/service will be beneficial.

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If you are having no luck in Dubai, it may be worth getting in touch with a well-respected dealer in the UK, and asking if they can arrange the servicing for you.

You may run into problems with physically couriering the equipment, but a worldwide carrier (UPS. DHL or whoever) must be able to organise this.

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