Recent Change, What Would You Do Next?

I’ve been suffering from a chronic bout of upgraditis for the past several months or more and despite regular medication from my wine supplies I remain uncured :pleading_face:.
System for the past year has been my trusty P3 (serviced and tonearm rewired by Rega just over a couple of years ago) Elys2 into a Nova, then NACA5 into Kudos X2’s. I also still have a currently unused NAP 250.2 which I’ve kept from my previous set up ‘just in case’.
I’ve enjoyed streaming through Qobuz and find the Nova a great bit of kit… and a fantastic way of discovering new music.
BUT… the last few months I’ve been using the P3 quite a bit more, not only revisiting my modest vinyl collection, but being drawn track to the ‘record shops’ and buying all my new music on pretty coloured or otherwise black vinyl! There really is something lovely about the whole physical process to vinyl.
I had had my eye out for a good pre-loved Rega P8 with a decent cartridge and narrowly missed out on a couple. However, I have just had a great deal on a pre-loved Aria phonostage and just in the last few days a P10/Apheta3 which I couldn’t turn down. I hadn’t planned to invest quite so much but he deal was too good to miss and long story short both are now singing away beautifully. The P10 really is a lovely thing.
This brings me on to the next part…
My Nova, despite doing all I want is likely a bottleneck. So…. Do I trade in or sell the 250.2 towards a Supernait3 followed by a move from Nova to NDX2 as funds permit. The NDX2/SN3 seems a great sweetspot and keeps box count to a minimum…
OR …. Do I hold off and await the fabled 372 or whatever it may be called and service/DR the 250.2 to accompany it?
Obviously the crux is how long before said 372 may arrive…if at all
If you were me…….??

I’d sit tight for a while, keep the 250 and see what happens.
Whilst an NDX2 and SN3 is a great combo, the fact you have a currently unused 250 means you really need a 282 or 252 plus an NDX2… Plus Supercap for the 252, plus XPS for the NDX2 plus…

Box city you mean…

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Striking a balance with the right box count is a fine art!

The 372 is an unknown quantity and who knows what it will cost, whereas the NDX2 and SN3 is available now and is bloody good.

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SN3 and NDX2, a proven excellent combination and available. The 272 replacement is an unknown in terms of when, cost and capability: unlikely to be the source level of the NDX2 (which is an excellent streamer and can be upgraded with additional power supplies…or not).

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The P10, SN3 and NDX2 would be a great place to get too.

Get yourself to agree that’s it for a couple of years and enjoy the music rather than listening to the system.

Once you’ve lost the urge to upgrade you’ll know exactly where you want to go with boxes. Or decide you just want to invest in vinyl.

It certainly works for me. Great sound without dozens of wires.

Things do sound good and I won’t be in a rush to change …. I think
One thing that does niggle a bit is that the Nova digitises the vinyl signal and I just wonder how much that may affect the sound?
Obviously, if a move to SN3 is done then the Aria signal remains analogue…
Again, maybe overthinking it.

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