Recent sound quality

Yes but other than phase shift or low frequency voltage / current variation, not in any meaningful way (via the grid). High frequencies don’t carry very far… and not really across the grid. But sure your own solar cell converters can be a source of high frequency noise, but I understand they have improved significantly in recent years.

Your toroidal transformer will be creating much lower frequency noise on the mains if it’s saturating or ‘buzzing’… but the PSU deals with it generally… ie especially if there is ‘DC’ on the mains… and even I’d purely symmetrical, the harmonic noise into the mains from a linear powersupply charging the reservoir capacitors is not totally trivial… but it’s all very local.

The issue is more with local high frequency noise that couples into regulated voltages and electronics… and most relevantly those with PME mains distribution into and from the earth/ground.

For best stable low noise, I do recommend converting to TT… usually possible for most in an owned house rather than apartment or rented house and often not a significant job for an electrician

I put an improvement in sq down to increasing the ram on my NAS.

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