Recent upgrade from DAC V1 to NDX2?

Wanting to upgrade from Uniti Core into a DAC V1 into a SuperNait 2 to an NDX2 as the DAC. Main incentive for the NDX2 is for its streaming capability. However, I’m curious as to whether or not the DAC in the NDX2 will provide a better/worse/same quality when comparing it to the DAC V1. Anyone have a recent, similar, experience they could share? Thanks!

If you got the NDX2 you would put the Core on the network and use UPnP.

The V1 was pretty good but it wasn’t better than the old NDX. Never heard the NDX2 but the consensus appears to be it is better than the NDX. The V1 sounded best when using usb connection. For a couple of years I had nd5 into V1 for headphones in my bedroom. It was acceptable but I preferred using an Aurender Streamer via usb.

You should probably sell off the V1 ASAP since it’s value will quickly approach $0 given the alleged significant improvement found in the Atom HE.

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I can’t answer your question directly, but I went from an NDX > nDAC (XSP non-DR) to an NDX 2 (XPS non-DR). I ended up selling the NDX and the nDAC. I thought the NDX 2 bettered the nDAC.

Other found the Ndac improving the Ndx2….

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I should have added my source is Tidal Hifi through Roon.

All things are system dependent.

All this gear is good!

For Qobuz, Tidal and Roon, better take the new generation of streamers.

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