Recommend bluetooth headphones for iPhone

suggestions appreciated for bluetooth over ear headphones for use with iPhone, budget circa £150.
I use conventional headphones but my niece is wanting suggestions.

Thanks all

I have a pair of Bose Soundlink over ear headphones I use with my phone or tablet when out and about. Very comfortable to wear and sound isn’t bad at all. Right on budget too.

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Sony NC ones are the best

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sony wh-1000xm4


I’m sure they’re nice but they are 2x the stated budget!

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Thats probably normal on here… :smirk:


All suggestions here are starting from the twice bigger budget :slight_smile:
I’ve bought mine for 200£
They have excellent external noise filter and that is why I took them. After that I’ve discovered their great sound.

There are some Sony XM-3s for USD250 here

From the reviews the XM4s have some new features, but only slightly better sound. Based on those reviews, I did not upgrade.

I see some for even less, but they do not come with a Sony warranty.

Edit - I see some for GB 211 at Amazon UK

Hi @jmtennapel. 36, for use indoors when the neighbours are in. I recommended a Muso which she thinks is fantastic, but I didn’t know it doesn’t have a headphone output, so hence using her iPhone as a source and wanting me to suggest a quality set. On or over ear I think is about comfort, I find my Oppo PM3 comfy, but I have on ear as well, Grado and Senheiser. I can imagine that without a bit of guidance she might choose one of the fashion brands which may be more about branding than quality performance.

On the go I use sennheiser momentum or sennheiser pxc 550. Both over the ear n/c wireless…

I find the Sony to be quite comfortable. The Bose are even more comfortable, but I don’t care for the sound quality. From my own testing and reviews I’ve read, the Sony are at or near the top of the pack for noise cancellation. Bear in mind though, noise cancellation primarily addresses continuing noise (airplane or air conditioner), not noisy neighbours talking.

Well, the audiophile uncle can ship in the other half… Right @BobF? :innocent:

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I fear these might blow the budget too – but I am very happy with my PXC550 Mk1. Maybe old stock of the first generation can be bought within budget.

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Ooups! My mistake not to have noted the budgetary constraint. It’s true, however, that the momentum 2 and the 550’s can be had at bargain prices, used etc.

B&O h9/hx/h95. They are great wired or wireless. My only pair of headphones and fulfills my expectations.

Could try B&W PX range. Many available (used condition) at or below your price point. I still use a pair of the original PX with my iPhone. If your niece can accept using a cable you can use the Apple adapter (with built in dac) to get near CD quality if her iPhone music has music to that level on it. They do of course work with standard Apple Bluetooth codec if wire is unacceptable. Also If she ever changes to a device with Aptx HD codec then the headphones will work with that too.

I recently bought a pair of Sennheiser PXC 550, nice enough phones but don’t work well with Apple products, problem with compatibility/driver updates. Changed them for Sony WH1000XM3 very happy.

I use YKG 400 on my travels. On ear, and I bought from Richer sounds and use them to stream qobuz via my iPhone when away from home.
I would recommend them.

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