Recommend speakers

Hello , can anyone recommend speakers for uniti 2 please . Room 14 × 15 , well furnished . Must be mostly musical , good tempo . Not to bright but plenty of detail.
Thank you .

Falcon Acoustics made, BBC LS3/5a, Perfect for your request details and fabulous with Naim.

I have a pair on home demo right now.


I’ve had great success with Harbeth P3ESR (another descendent of LS3/5a).

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With those recommendations, hopefully Clive means feet, not metres!

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Budget? Floorstanders? Standmounts?

Can you tell us what speakers you are currently using and why they’re not working for you?

Hi Andrew , currently using some very cheap, mordaunt short bookshelves on stands . I was thinking along lines of kef r3 or ls50 or similar, like b & w , but being told not gr8 with naim .

I have a small(isa) room 18 foot by 10 foot. I note you have a Uniti 2 and like plenty of detail. My tastes are acoustic, classical and I like to watch sports and GoT which I feed the audio signal to the amplifier.

I wanted speakers that didn’t overpower the room and plenty of detail and wasn’t a bass fiend. Went for Harbeth P3ESR on dedicated stands. My system is a 200/202 and whilst I would say an extra ounce of vavavoom would be helpful these are very refined speakers, capable of extracting oodles of nuance and timbre. I am guessing with that level of equipment you don’t want KEF reference speakers or B&W 800 series, just something that fits into the room without dominating.

A dedicated stand from HiFi racks is available and they are extremely well built, so much so that I wouldn’t be afraid to buy a secondhand pair. With of course , one elderly , lady owner and not driven hard.

Hi Andrew , budget at £1000 , floor or stand . Any ideas .

I like my Vienna Haydns with mine.


I used Sansonic MB2.5 woth my U2 for 2 years. I’ve been told Dynaudio Focus 260 works well with one too. Neither of those speaker brands I would consider bright and offer plenty of detail.

Your budget will very much determine your choice, obviously ex demo or second hand will get you better speakers. Kudos X2, Neat SX2/SX3, Proac Tablette, Spendor A1 are all worth considering, a well priced speaker I’ve heard recently at my dealer was the Fyneaudio range. Speakers are very personal, you need to get out and listen to a few and preferably try them out at home.

Good Luck, PMC Twenty 5/21, Cheers…

Nice speakers but twice the OP’s budget at £2k

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Blumenstein Audio Triton. Direct to customer from a Seattle company. They have an optional subwoofer if you need it but they sound great out of the Unitiqute2b in a good sized room.

Hi Andrew , open to suggestions, budget at £1000 tops .

I would be worried they dont have enough warmth / bass as not ported . But I may be wrong .

Currently using very old mordaunt short bookshelves on stands , to be fair they are doing a reasonable job , the overall sound is pretty good . Just feels like the mids are reccessed somewhat . But that may be the age . I think they are late 70s

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I feel these may be a little small , and also lack warmth / Bass.

How about some ex-demo Rega RX3 from Audio T, they have a pair on sale for £999

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