Recommendation for anti-static record cleaning brush

Hi everyone I clean all my new vinyl on a RCM however, I am looking for a good brush to use before playing. Would appreciate any recommendations.

ATB Graham

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Mr Fremer has done a roundup of these see

I have the Hart Mk2, before the addition of the perplex blocks to the sides of the wooden handle - all good & recommended.

He didn’t include the Goldring Xstatic (mitty) or the similar Hunt. These have two rows of carbon bristles either side of a pad that shouldn’t touch the record as you use no more than the weight of the brush to press down but the pad collects the finer dust. My Hunt fell to bits but the Goldring has lasted over a decade. Always use the brush in the same direction. If the record needs a harder scrub I go to a wet cleaner.

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Agree, the Hart brush is excellent and I use the current Mk 3

I’ve been quite pleased with this one.


I have the Hunt, the Audiotech and a Pro-ject one.

I’ve replaced them all with a combo of a Zerostat and a Giottos blower. Contactless. :sunglasses:

Graham, this little thing does a brilliant job. Prices vary like mad from £7.99 to £39.99 so shop around.


@Quad33 I’ve used both the ones @anon4489532 and @Tony recommend and either will do the job just fine. With a RCM you don’t really need anything ultra expensive because your only taking of a minimal amount of dust.


I’ve used a few, including some posted above that are sold under many different brand names. The Ortofon is what I currently use and a cut above the rest in my experience.

One I’ve been meaning to try and is supposedly excellent is the Analog RELAX brush.


1970’s solution.

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Another recommendation for the Super Exstatic from me.

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Still in the Stanton catalogue!?

Apparently so. Been going for 59 years. The one in the picture was $60 in 1970. They start today from $84 from what I have seen with a quick check.

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@simon.pepper and @Buster I bought one of the Hart MK3 brushes after watching the Michael Fremer video you linked.
Got to say I was extremely disappointed and have today sent it back. The two strips of bristles when laid together were wider than the wooden body of the brush. I’ve only had it two weeks and the brown strip was already coming loose. The other thing I didn’t like was the dust cover thingy. No way of getting the brush back in it without bending the bristles.
I think it’s very poorly put together given the price, at least mine was. Mine looked like a 5 year old had knocked one up on the kitchen table for a school project. He did offer to make me another with “a high standard of quality control” but for me when you’re charging £65 for a brush it should already have a high standard of quality control.
In fairness it did work well but it wouldn’t last the year out.

I use one of these bad boys - keeps my records free of dust before playing. Solid Sounds velvet cleaning brush.

Oh, all I can say is that mine isn’t like that and lasting over a year

From the email I got from him it appears to be very much a one man kitchen table operation.
The offer of a better made more closely observed brush made me think he knows he can do a better job than he did on mine.
Shame really as I’m all for supporting small businesses.

Another plus for this type. Had one for a number of years now and still as good as new.

However, we’ve gone totally streaming now, so look out for this and a number of other vinyl bits and pieces on a well known auction site over the next few weeks.

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