Recommendations for anti static mats LP12

Any recommendations for anti-static mats for LP12…i just have the original felt mat. Are there have there been any improvements over the years.
Having a bit of a dust/fluff problem…can afford a proper record cleaner.

Can recommend this mat


Colaro mat, but only red.

The Collaro mat is a good alternative to the standard LP12 from Linn. If the logo is too much just turn it over. If it has been stored vertically without side pressure it can form a ripple close to the bottom edge. This did not level out so my dealer kindly supplied a totally flat one. Store it flat if needed to avoid this.

Waiting for mine to arrive from Cymbiosis. Looking forward to testing.


I agree with this.


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Blasphemy!!..thou shalt worship no other mat than the Linn mat!!


Funny avatar Dan :+1:

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Yes recommend Collaro mat. Much better mid range and layered 3D sound stage than the standard Linn felt mat and a lot less static. My LP12 has Kore and Karousel.

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