Recommendations for fiber patch cable

There’s been a lot of talk about Ethernet cables but has anyone looked into fiber patch cables from the wall to modem? Using the ISP provided one now and was wondering if there’re any “audiophile” level options?

With fibre, there are many technical variances that need to be correct for it to function. Therefore you need to specify type; ie OM1 to OM4; connection types such as LC , SC or ST.
This types will be specified by your equipment, and the quality of the terminations. … and with fibre this is what counts.

Also I honestly would not recommend fibre unless you have some way of validating the connected interfaces for quality and errors… fibre can be troublesome here so best keep an eye on it… especially when setting up or moving things around. An issue won’t stop things from working necessarily … think of it like a PSU reservoir cap aging and going out of spec.

With twisted pair, just about any old piece of metal will do :grinning:

Not sure it helps but I believe the connection is SC single mode from the termination point (wall) to the Open Network Terminal (ONT). My wireless router is connected to the ONT.

Ok, but that is the internet / wan connection. You don’t want to touch that at all.
I thought you were referring to your LAN fibre connections?

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