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Hi all….any recommendations for a decent streamer that won’t get embarrassed into a system with 82/250 while I save up for the NDX2.
Other sources are LP12 and CDX2 with XPS.
Most people are saying an NDX 2 but can’t run to that at the moment. I run Tidal into my Muso 2 and the phone.
Looking at what hifi reviews they are strongly recommending the camb audio and the Bluesound Node.
Any views and recommendations would be most welcome. I am thinking my budget is around £750 to £1000 but the more I spend now the further away the NDX gets……so less is more right now!

Bluesound Node.


If you don’t mind used, you could search for an Auralic mini. Great piece of kit with a good control app.

@billywindsock Thanks.
Which one? The node 2i or the node 2021?

There’s a huge amount of choice out there at any price you can think of. Get a Chromecast Audio on ebay and you can cast from your phone at very little cost.
There are cheap Yamaha MusicCast streamers which work well. Cheapest is the WXAD-10, or there’s the WXAD-50 which has the advantage that you can use it with a separate DAC for improved sound.

Here’s another possible approch that would stagger the cost, but a little differently and with no need to sell anything on. Get an ND5XS2 for a lot less than an NDX2. Then save for a separate DAC which you can use with it, such as a used NDAC, one of the Chord DACs, or something else. In my view this could get you better sound quality for less money than an NDX2 if you don’t mind a 2-box source.


I did this and it sounds v good.

I can also add that I once bought a Bluesound Node 2i and I did not like the effect it had on SQ into my Naim system at all.

I returned it to the seller within a week.



There are some new streamers in that price range : Silent Angel and Watson Emerald. Transports only, without a dac.

Will an nDAC or Chord Qutech really make a good enough improvement on a ND5XS2? I only stream Tidal with ND5XS2/ SN2 (or internet radio).
Can not really understand why the internal DAC of a ND5XS2 is much less…

I tried the Chord Qutest for a few weeks in my system.

I prefer Naim dacs, so would stick with the ND5XS2 in preference to that.

But (as you can see from my profile) I use Naim DAC/555DRPS - which sounds much better than the bare ND5XS2.

Some reasons why:

  • huge PSU in separate case, plus small PSU for DSP functions within the nDAC case.
  • DAC is decoupled from the streaming board reducing vibration and EM noise.
  • DAC chip in the nDAC is slightly better.
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:orange_circle: In the past,.many people used a used Mac Mini from 2012.

Some connected a separate power supply for better soundquality.
It is a cheap solution,.but time may have run out from that alternative…

The NDAC is still a very capable DAC and yes, I would certainly regard it as a significant upgrade on the ND5XS2. Whether you like what Chord DACs do, or any other brand for that matter, is something you really need to find out for yourself. We all have different tastes.

You can check Cambridge CXN V2 or Primare SC15. They look properly grounded and may not likely to cause issues with your Naim gear. I had my moments with an el cheapo streamer+ (then) decent DAC many years ago with XS level set up.

I am in the same position as you. I chose to use an Ifi Zen stream to get me by until I can afford a better streamer. Turns out it is very good for the price,so I once again have excellent sound. Do you have an external Dac you can use,or do you need the streamer to have one?
The Zen has no Dac,so is basically a streamer/bridge.

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Thanks, but with a 555drps it is a different story than without i would guess. NDac still is not a cheap option…

But it sounded very good without external psu too.

Okay thanks. Worth considering then. NDX2 is out of my financial reach. In 5 years a nice pre loved perhaps

No external DAC. I don’t think I can use the CDX2.

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The Naim DAC is the best sounding DAC I’ve heard.
There are various threads on here about it.

And there’s the white paper by Naim that explains how it works.

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