Recommendations on support for a Uniti Nova/Core at above waist height

Hi all, I am looking for some ideas on how I can support a Naim Uniti Nova and Uniti Core (combined weight 20KG) at above waist height against an internal wall (dont have a suitable table or equivalent). I already have a six shelf Fraim rack that I could use but im thinking as it would leave 4 shelves empty seems overkill given that the above will all fit on a single shelf if I can find the right product. Chosen solution would need to be of quality and sympathetic to the hi-fi needs of what it is supporting. What do others do in similar situations. Any pictures?

You could always use a couple of turntable wall shelves, like the rega one. How solid is the wall?

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How about a photo of the proposed location? Would really help with recommendations

Something like this? I’m referring to the wall shelves again. Doesn’t have to be a TT. These are from hifi racks I believe.


Its an external wall so presumably blockwork, however 20KG is a lot of weight. I can see how a turntable could be shelved but heavy transformers may be a different issue?

Hi Robert, looks like the wall shelves are supported off the ground? Whats at the bottom of Is it some sort of cantilever arrangement or are the shelves fixed to the wall?

This image was taken from hifi gear for a hifi racks ltd podium.
If it can support a young lady, it should do a Nova combo.


As I understand it, with that particular rack, you attach the back piece to the wall with appropriate fixings. The shelf bit is already fixed to the back piece and as demonstrated, the joint is strong!

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In the first post you said it was an internal wall… By ‘against’ do you mean on the floor by the wall, or actually attached to the wall ie a shelf. Is there a reason it needs to be that high?

The Core with its network connection does not need to be anywhere near your hifi, so you really only need the Nova to be supported. Most rack manufacturers make wall shelves which are primarily intended to be used for turntables, but I can’t see why they wouldn’t work for a Nova too.

HH, i’m moving from a full CDS3/252/300 framed stack to something more self-contained (wife pressure - hates all those boxes). The Uniti Nova looks to be an ideal candidate but cant sit on the floor. I did think about using the Fraim (or parts thereof) but it would need to sit on something otherwise 5 empty shelves. Thats my dilemma, ideally I would like Fraim performance that places a single hi-fi component at a reasonable height (i.e. above waist height) to be able to twiddle knobs and volume controls etc with ease…

Out with the old…

I see. Why not get a 272 so you have just a base and three levels. Only about two feet high. Lateral thinking…

If you go for the Nova then ‘Fraim performance’ isn’t really an issue. Just get a stylish cupboard, put a Fraim glass and balls on top and enjoy it. But I can’t help thinking that a 272, your PS and 300 on a single Fraim might be the compromise that keeps you both happy. I had a CDS3, 552 and 300 and what I have now really isn’t that much worse, whereas a Nova would be.

IKEA floating tv unit

The white one should be fine for Nova and Uniticore.

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I have this in my office / media room - it’s the end of my main desk. Excuse the finger marks, I’ve cleaned it since.


So, decided to keep the Fraim now the Nova has arrived, soon to be accompanied by P8, Stageline & HiCap. Has anyone added a power amp to the Nova? I am thinking NAP250 but for £4K its still 80W/Channel same as Uniti so not sure if a worthwhile upgrade for driving the Obelisks. Any thoughts/experiences to share?

Were you not setting out to achieve a somewhat small Fraim arrangement.
Sounds like your box count is starting to creep up already and you’ve only just got rid of your main system for less boxes.?

Should fill 3 levels (4 or 5 if Core & NAP250) but doesn’t look as bad as wall to wall boxes and wife happy so far (main criteria) :slight_smile: Depending on Core and/or NAP250 may drop a couple of levels and end up with a 3 or 4 shelf Fraim stack.

Funnily enough Ive found I quite like an empty Fraim stack as a piece of furniture…

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We’ve been discussing that on this thread:

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