Recommendations to Improve my System?

I may be coming down with upgraditis… which, like the flu, is seasonal around bonus time.

I may be able to add one more box (not really interested in cable upgrades) which would have to go on the top of the cabinet.

So given I have an ND555 → 282/HiCapDR → 250DR → Kanta 2:

Thinking I could go with a second 555PS, a Supercap or a 300DR.

Keeping this to a one box upgrade so not looking at a 252 plus Supercap etc.

Curious what other naimites might think would be the next best step.


No additional boxes - just replace 282/hicapdr with 252/SCDR - huge improvement

I know you say not interested in this but I think best way to go - you have the best front end anyway




If only swapping one box I would demo a SCapDR for the 282. However 252/SCapDR more logical with your source quality I think. You will do it eventually anyway!


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What is all this sitting on? You made reference to sitting on a cabinet?
My suggestion would be spending the money on a decent rack, ideally a Fraim given the level of kit you are using.



Superlumina interconnect if you don’t have. It will equal a box upgrade.


Now that I agree with popeye - the first step as you say

Why didn’t I say so in the first place - bit slow today too hot in Sydney fries the brain :crazy_face:

I’ve been using 252,Supercapdr/300dr for about four years with a full S/L loom on a Quadrasphire SVT rack source was upgraded to a ND555/555ps just over two years ago and speakers are Kudos Titan T606.

Speaking to Jason Gould from Naim at the last Bristol show on an upgrade route he was very clear in his reply that I should upgrade the 252 to a 552.

He said that this would be a far better route than adding a second power supply to the ND555.

The 252/Supercapdr with a ND555 as a source is superb and at a level you can clearly hear how good the ND555 is compared to a NDS or NDX2/555ps this in my room, system and ears? (I’ve had both of the latter combinations in my system during the last twelve months due to ND555 problems)

With my previous NDX/xpsdr I found the upgrade from a Highline to a S/L interconnect a very worthwhile improvement.

Hope this helps?

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So given I have an ND555 → 282/HiCapDR → 250DR → Kanta 2:

@Mhitchi number of options, any of the below I would consider before second 555 PSU for ND 555 - although I have been told this does take the ND 555 onto another

any of the below
SCDR for 282 and sell HCDR

  • 252 & SCDR to replace the 282 & HCDR
  • bring in 300DR to replace the 250DR
  • Naim Fraim - I would recomend this with your system now
  • another 250DR to go active with your speakers

you have an superb source, 282/HCDR is a lovely Pre - but I went 282/HCDR to supercap and could not believe the uplift in music, It took me some time to get to Fraim but it is like adding another black box, demo the 300DR you won’t send it back

So you are not interested in the most logical and worthwhile upgrade to your system? Pre is king in Naims world. 252 or 552 is really the way to go imho. You pays your money…


Depends how big the bonus and how much of it you can spare for hifi. A supercap is the most obvious next move if only one box is to be disturbed, however I echo the Fraim comment above and add that going for the lite version will only leave you having you replace it later, leastways it did me. I’d take full Fraim before a supercap on a 282.

Really appreciate the thoughtful responses and other’s experiences.

I so wish I could do a full fraim… unfortunately I’m stuck with my existing furniture since the system is in the main living room and a fraim is not going to work for the wife.

Great to hear @Antz heard a major lift with the SCDR and I suspect this is the route I’ll take. And then perhaps next year I’ll think about moving onto a 252.

Also need to see what kind of bonus I get this year :anguished:

Anyway these are my furniture constraints I’m working with, will remove Cambridge CXC and put whatever box I get next :wink:

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Sell your 282 and hicap dr, and get a pre loved 552. It would cost you the same cash as brand new second 555 dr.
If you live in UK…

Looks great. Separation of the boxes is probably more important than isolation so you are probably getting 95% of their performance anyway. Enjoy.

I would very much agree with several above and if possible jump straight to 552. ATB Peter

I certainly wouldn’t entertain a NAC252. Either a SuperCap for your NAC282 or go straight to a secondhand NAC552 if you can stretch a bit. Or on a completely different angle, you could go olive and get a SuperCap and NAC52, which I found to be the best preamp combination beneath the NAC552.

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Oh dear, it’s so sadly for me to have a 252. I’m released to tears!


Yes, I know. But it’s what I found by listening to them.

You have a superb source that outclasses the remaining, rather well balanced amp and speakers. I nmy book that is a good strategy (source first) but I would not spend any more money on the source right now, so the second 555PS a no no IMV.

I use a 250DR with a ND555/552 and I am stunned at what the little NAP can deliver if fed a great quality signal. So if it were me I would leave the move to a 300 for the time being.

The 282/HiCapDR/250DR/Kanta 2 is very nicely balanced, and limiting your next upgrade to one box is tricky. I heard a significant uplift going to a SuperCapDR on my 282, so I would possibly do that. You will also have the right PS to pave the way for a 252, which would still keep your system in balance.

Given the less than ideal racking arrangement you have adopted, I would definitely start there and get a Fraim or similar good quality dedicated racking. This will give you the best return in terms of SQ at this stage IMV. Also take a good look at the cables you are using.

How are you serving music to the ND555?

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Wine, beer or spirits. That’ll improve things no end. You’ll be boogying out in minutes. :joy::joy:


So my thinking has evolved to getting two boxes… which means, for me, going with a 252/SC or 552.

Trouble is that 552 is so much more expensive :grimacing:

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