Recommended digital input

Hi all - first, thank you to all those who provided me with upgrade advice a few months ago!
In the end I went with a Superuniti, feeding into my Dynaudio Evoke 10s, with which I’m very happy.
Am considering purchasing a CD transport to give a new lease of life to my CD collection and take advantage of what I believe is a pretty decent DAC in the Superuniti.
I’m aware there is more than one type of digital input on the rear of the SU and I was wondering whether, from a SQ point of view, one type of digital input is generally seen as preferable over the other (I believe in my case it’s optical vs coaxial?)?

Try both and see which you prefer.
There are no rules.

Fair enough! Thank you appreciate the straightforward advice

We have a SuperUniti and preferred BNC terminated digital cable (coax - digital 1) over optical but it will depend on cables and source component, so as above try both.

The DAC in SU stands up well. We fed it with an NDX2 (transport) via DC1 cable for a short spell and it was half decent.

Sometimes you just don’t have a choice - current rig has Sky Q into NDX2 using optical as the Sky box has no coax output.

Thanks Iain. Out of interest, assuming the NDX2 you were using has its own DAC - how did the DAC in the Superuniti compare with that in the NDX2 (assuming the alternative was using analogue output of NDX2 into SU)?
Hope that makes sense!

NDX2 analogue output to SU was better than NDX2 to SU via coax digital, even without a PSU on NDX2. For £5k it should be!!!

We only ran with analogue out for about 1 day before reconfiguring NDX2 into transport mode once DC1 arrived as that was our “end state”.

The SU is old tech but the DAC is decent and as an amplifier it still performs very well. Great VFM - we paid just over £1k for ours (freshly serviced) from a naim dealer. For the price quite unbeatable.

NDX2/nDAC/SU was a very interesting stack. More detail than 272/XPSDR/250DR when streaming at low volumes, but SU started to struggle with our speakers at any volume.

A good long term move for you could be to add a 250DR to your SU, we had that combo in play too and the extra grip over speakers was very worthwhile.

Beware the slippery upgrade slope though… 2019 SU to where we are now… :laughing:

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