Recommended Fibre Router

My apartment currently has a fibre connection to a telecoms cabinet in the hallway and an ethernet connection for the last 10m into the apartment.

Apparently the Telco is going to run fibre directly into the apartment in the next few weeks.

Can anybody recommend a router with a direct fibre input?

I currently have a Cisco RV130, but it does not have a fibre input connection.

It will depend on the fibre standards being delivered to your apartment. Do you know if they’ll be delivering ethernet over the fibre, or another protocol? And if ethernet, will they be doing anything with VLAN tagging that you need to enable in your apartment?

As Jono stated all depends on how the ISP presents the fibre but if you are looking for a firewall with SFP WAN fibre module capability then a Ubiquiti USG Pro 4 for a cost effective product.

The telco will almost certainly be able to indicate or even provide compatible routers. Buying ahead of time has risks such as a router with a standard half duplex ONU and then finding out there is full duplex (two fibre cables bundled together) run to your apartment from the building MDF (very possible if it is a mixed commercial/residential building).

But if you calk the telco now, they can almost certainly guide you.

Thanks for the feedback so far - I hope to catch the technician during installation so I can ask him/her about what is needed.

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