Recommended “gap” between shelves/platforms

Is there a recommended “gap” between shelves for classic series NAIM components?

The NAIM site suggests the standard gap level of FRAIM shelves is 105mm which is a snug fit considering the units are 87mm high. Have I interpreted it correctly - is a 105mm gap fine? Just want to be sure before I order a new stand/rack. Many thanks.

My Isoblue stand has 100mm gaps and is fine. You need to consider what you are going to put on your new shelves. Your 202 would benefit from not being directly above the 200, so you may want to get an extra shelf so you can have a bigger gap between them.

Most racks (including Fraim) have a choice of uprights which allow you to put more space between the boxes. In theory this is a good thing, not only because it puts more distance between them but because it makes cable dressing much easier if you have more space and a taller rack.
Whether this is really necessary is another matter, and it will vary with different systems. If the lower shelves suit your room and system I wouldn’t worry too much.

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Thanks @hungryhalibut

That’s good advice about the 200/202. Currently they’re quite far apart so there’s no issue. Certainly something to bear in mind with a new stand/rack.

Cheers @ChrisSU

There used to be some bit of Naim literature for Fraim that mentioned 130mm from base of one box to the next as being the minimum ideal.

I’m not imagining it but I definitely can’t find it anymore.

Yes, that’s the type of guidance I was searching for but it doesn’t seem to be available.

I’m sure the guidance would vary for different boxes, especially if you climb the upgrade ladder and have bigger transformers, and possibly more of them. Maybe worth considering this now if you intend to upgrade in the future.

My Isoblue rack has spacers which you can easily add to the standard shelves to increase the gap. I believe other racks such as Fraim and Quadraspire have a choice of different height legs.

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