Recommended speaker cable for nova and 805 D3 please

Hi all looking for suggestions on speaker cable for naim nova and bowers 805 D3 and is it worth replacing original bowers links .
Many thanks

Yes do remove those nasty links

What speaker cables you are using right now and what is it that you didn’t like about the sound.

@Clive1 I have the older B&W 805N, I have always used Cord cable Oydessey, been really happy with the cable for 16 years no I see no reason to change, I have my speakers bi wired so removed the links

Just recently, I’ve made the change to Chord Epic Twin, this one is going to stay in my system for a long time …

If you use a Naim power amp, I would expect it to be happier without the biwire cables.

@ChrisSU I do 300DR it’s really on song!

I used to own the Chord Epic Twin. It’s a great cable and value for money sound for pound. I find it to be better balanced and more refined than the NACA5.

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