Recommended speakers for Uniti Atom HE

Can anyone recommended speakers for the atom Uniti HE? Thanks Tim

And your budget is…….?

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Will you be using a power amp or are you looking for active speakers to partner the Atom HE?

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Depending on budget and space, active options include: Genelec (plenty of size options), ATC SCM40a (floor standers), Acoustic Energy AE1 (stand mounts).

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Yes - it’s a consideration, room is small, maybe 10 by 12 ft, I listen mainly to classical music. I once owned LS3/5a’s and liked them a lot. Thinking of similar monitor type speakers.

Thanks for responding. It’s a small room - use to have LS3/5a’s and liked them a lot. Room is small and I listen to mainly to classical music.

No power amp so active speakers would be good

There are many goos stand-mounts that will fit well with an Atom, but don’t ignore the small but brilliant Neat iota Alpha. They are only 18’ high, but there is a reason so many dealers offer them together.

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He seems to be looking for active speakers …

Perhaps KEF LS50 speakers, small, active and very high quality without breaking the bank.


Given the room size and the cost & abilities of the (excellent) Atom versus most active speakers, I am not sure he needs to go further than the Neats. It’s only a view.

For example, I wouldn’t argue against the ATCs mentioned above being great speakers in themselves, though they are often regarded as very demanding. However, aren’t the SCM40s mentioned over £7000 (or half that for the passive version)?

AE1s might well be a more obvious choice, and I believe they are excellent. Whether the Atom will make the most of them, and whether they really need to be over 1m from the back wall, may be relevant questions though.

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Whoops! I forgot the KEFs. Fair comment IDAK and something else to audition.

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Consider the „HE“ on the Atom under consideration here.

Up to 2K $ is a maximum budget

Thanks - I will take a look. Tim


Thanks - I will take a look at the Keff.

I assume you already own the Atom HE?

What about adding a NAP100 power amplifier (half width unit - 50 WPC) and a high quality mini monitor such as the Dali Menuet/Menuet SE?

NAP 100s tend to be circa £500 used and the Dalis are circa £1000 for the normal version or £1300 for the SE with upgraded crossover components and finish. According to reviews they work will close to walls and in small rooms. Clearly there are other high quality small speakers from the likes of ATC, Proac, Neat and others that will work. I personally like Piega - the Classic 3.0 is worth considering, as is the ACE 30 if you would prefer the aluminium cabinet?

As for actives, there are many options out there. Piega now do a powered version of the ACE 30 for instance.

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Then you should be looking to have a listen to a pair of the Acoustic Energy AE1 Actives

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Having just looked up the Atom HE, I see it has balanced XLR pre-amp outputs. What about something like the PMC Result 6 studio monitors. These are straight forward, high quality active monitors which do not contain any wireless streaming electronics therefore you are not doubling up on what you already have in the Atom HE.