Recommended SSD for UnitiCore

The Naim online support pages still today advise that the Samsung 850 EVO SSD is the one to use for a UnitiCore internal music store.

But Samsung replaced that a couple of years ago by the 860 EVO and although Naim haven’t yet updated their advice, the 860 EVO has probably been what most people will have fitted since then.

Recently though Samsung have replaced the 860 EVO with the 870 EVO and this new SSD is substantially (about 20%) cheaper than the 860 EVO.

Earlier this week, as my small 850 EVO store was nearly full, I installed a 2TB 870 EVO SSD in my Core and restored my music from the backup. Everything worked fine and so I just wanted to spread the word here that the 870 is probably the way to go now. In UK my 2 TB SSD cost me about £165.

But if anyone thinks for any reason that the 870 EVO is not a good drive to use, that would be very interesting to know.




Gosh, they will be giving them away soon…might be tempted as well.

I find that getting a reliable HDD or SSD is a bit of a crap shoot. For my Synology NAS, I ordered a 1TB WD Red because of the good reviews and it !asted about a month. So I returned it, and ordered a WD Blue SSD for a bit more, and it’s been great.
So I guess I recommend a WD Blue SSD …

So you have actually tried this in a UnitiCore presumably, as you are posting in this thread?



No, but it’s an SSD with stored music on it, and a reliable unit. I wouldn’t think the connection makes much of a difference. Even just in a computer. It’s also a 3D Nand unit.


I bought an 860 EVO for my Roon Nucleus a couple years back on your recommendation, so will keep the 870 in mind as I’m getting up to full capacity on the 860.

Could the 16GB SSD in an old UnitiServ be updated with something like this? Would it be worth doing ?

This was discussed recently here actually and the official answer from Naim was that no, this wasn’t possible at all. Maybe you could find the discussion if you searched the forum.



Thanks David, thats all I need to know :+1:

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