Recommended vTuner/Naim stations

Hi everyone.

I’m very much enjoying JB Radio2 from Canada. The music just hits the spot, it is uncompressed and of very high quality.

What recommendations do other members have for listenable radio stations on vTuner?


Radio Paradise - from California.


I listen to a few mid quality stations from Africa & Caribbean just for the music & its news.
For quality high bit rate stations you don’t need to look far

In Naim iRadio listings under “Naim’s Choice” & all in 44.1kHz 320kb/s
Radio Paradise variants
… the regular RP station
… RP Mellow Mix
… RP Eclectic Mix
… RP Rock Mix
Naim Radio

Search for Linn Jazz in Location UK
The regular Linn station is pretty good for a mix of all rock, classical & jazz

For UK residents only BBC Radio-3 in HLS 48kHz 339kb/s has excellent classical & also weekly jazz programs


I like Radio Swiss Jazz - from Switzerland!!

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I’ve just checked that. I like it! Thank you for your contribution.

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Thanks, Mike. All of BBC radio is in HLS format now. I regularly listen to R3

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Might give that a go. Thanks

The Jazz Groove CA is excellent too with amazing SQ for just 128k

I would recommend Soma FM Sonic Universe. ECM type Jazz.

Very nice! Thank you

Fip is a good one if you don’t mind the French, they don’t talk too often much, a recent Naims Choice station.

I’ll give that a go. Thank you. Incidentally, I speak Dutch and French, so it won’t be too much of a struggle :slight_smile:

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