Reconnect to Wifi

Hi everyone.

Recently we moved from BT Business to Virgin Media broadband. 70 - 260mb!

I made sure that the Virgin broadband had the same Wifi ID and password so most of the apartment devices connected without issue. However our Unity Atom hasn’t and thus, we can’t connect the app to the unit nor can we use any of the streaming services.

Can someone tell me how to re-initialise the Uniti Atom so that it can connect?

Also, the unit won’t wake up from the controller. We have to press the on/off button on the unit and then we can use the controller. Is this related to the above?


You can do a factory reset of the Atom via its setup menu.

You are very likely putting the Atom into deep sleep rather than standby, which I believe stops it responding to the remote.

Can you help and explain how I get to do the factory reset? Plus, how would I do a deep sleep by pressing the normal sleep button?

For ‘deep sleep’ press and hold the power button for a few seconds.

Press the home button on the remote. Go to settings. Factory settings should be the fourth option down.

You go into standby with a quick press of the power button, on the remote or the unit itself. Sleep is done with a three second press.

You can set the unit to go into standby automatically via the app. Then it will wake via the app as soon as you select it.