Record/CD shops

When the shops mostly open again will it be your first port of call or will another type of shop be your first? If a music supplier will it be a chain or an independent?

Have you bought online during the lockdown or have you just been adding to your wish list?

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I’ve been buying online from resident Brighton and Norman’s Leeds, tbh lockdown hasn’t made a difference as they are both a bit too far anyway. We rarely (3 times?) visit Brighton which is closest. Shipping times don’t appear to be massively impacted.

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Resident is my local store, less than a mile to walk.

I’ve been determined to try and support HMV during lockdown (as I did pre-lockdown), and their prices and delivery on BluRays and CDs has been superb!

Also nice to give business to someone other than ‘that’ behemoth global ‘River’ monster that so many seem to favour!

It will be nice to go back to an actual physical store after this is over (hopefully, if HMV survive) - I guess it will be for vinyl buyers as well - I see so many reports of folks who’ve received damaged and warped vinyl from the ‘A’ place and surprised that so many are prepared to take this gamble!



Ditto. Also, trying hard to support HMV. And the in-store staff are all just great.

During lockdown bought lots of mostly CD’s as well as some Blu-ray and DVD movies, from HMV online and delivered to home.

I’ve also bought albums from several small independent record shops, (online) when looking for something specific.

Did anyone else experience delays - early on - during the lockdown? Delivery times, from online purchase, seem to have improved back to near normal recently.

Lucky enough to have a Rough Trade in my town, which also has a cafe, bar and music venue. So, normally something interesting happening there and a pleasure to visit. Always end up finding something new (musically) to bring home.

We also have a Fopp here in Nottingham, which has a healthy music and movie collection to browse and buy.

I’ll probably be back in Rough Trade first opportunity we can.


20 years ago I was traveling even to London or Bruxelles to find some rare lps.
I was spending a lot of time in shops, specially in Paris.
Today I mostly buy on Bandcamp or Qobuz, and sometimes discogs for lps.

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