Record Clamp, Yes/No?

For those of us who play vinyl; Do you use a record clamp and if so, which one? For myself, I use a Souther Clever Clamp, a simple but effective clamp that came with the purchase when I bought my TecnoDec. Which one do you use?:thinking:

I’d like to know too. I see more weights than clamps. In my mind, a weight could put unnecessary stress on the bearing or other mechanical components in a turntable. a clamp would achieve the same thing, but doesn’t need to be heavy. In some tables, I could see a weight causing rumble. I think the concept of securing the lp to the platter is a good one. It eliminates the possibility of the lp acting like a microphone diaphragm.

Not for me, can’t see it being a good idea on a Rega P10 anyway, they probably weigh as much as the turntable!

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Depends on the decks, and the record.

Some decks are designed for and even ship with them. Some, like direct drive decks, are capable of rotating significant mass with no problem.

Then there is the vinyl. I’ve found that in most cases the clamp adds nothing. But, some of my early 70s oil shock records are so thin and light and the added mass definitely helps. So for me, I plop on the clamp depending on the disc, which is rarely.


Likely a good idea for mats designed to couple to the vinyl, like Funk’s Achromat or delrin/acrylic platters. Of course very turntable dependent, but easy to try out. The last word is in the listening.

Nope (Vertere MG-1)

I figure that the bearing assembly was designed to accommodate the mass of the platter and no more.


Defo not.
Especially so on a Suspended sub chassis the deck would be wrecked with all the turmoil.
Bearing in mind “ pun intended “ extra weight not taken into consideration in the basic deck design.
Might be different for the oil rig jobs though. :thinking:

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There is no right or wrong answer. Use of a record clamp is entirely dependent on the turntable.

Using one on a TT that’s not designed for it can damage the bearing over time, and may also over strain the motor. My TT is designed to support (optionally) both a record weight/clamp and peripheral ring. I use both, and they add 2350 gr of mass, but the motor and bearing are both designed for that.


Off topic, but that Clearaudio is a superb looking deck. The wood veneer. The chrome trim. The black matt plinth. Lovely.


It depends on the deck and the platter. On one of the Sondeks or on the RP10, no. On the Loricraft, sometimes yes. On a deck like a Michell Gyrodec or Orbe, yes as they’re designed that way. Same on the Systemdek III which has a very slightly dished platter that works with the supplied record clamp (notably one of the best clamp designs I’ve come across). If you don’t use the clamp then the LP won’t be properly supported across the platter.

However, I generally prefer using a deck where no clamp is required and with a felt mat where the platter can be kept spinning and LPs can be easily replaced without having to stop the platter and then restart it again.


Never used one and as others have said wouldn’t on my LP12. Also to me, it seems a bit of pfaff to use one, especially if you are just playing on track on an LP. I like that with my LP12, playing a record is an easy and relaxing activity, adding a clamp to the process of playing vinyl would for me make it less relaxing for me. Even if I was looking to buy a new TT, I would be discounting any that were designed for a clamp.

I use a record weight and it makes a substantial improvement. However, I agree with the comments that it is dependant on the deck. My Nottingham Analogue Spacedeck can support a heavier platter as an upgrade. I do not have this so I am confident that the bearing can sustain the record weight.

I don’t use it with 7” records though as the run off groove is narrower than for LPs and unless I dash to raise the tonearm at the end of a record the headshell would bump into the record weight! No such problem for LPs, 12” singles or even 10” records.

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My old P1 years ago benefitted.
My current P8 does not.

A record player from Germany, Hifi system from England, speakers from Denmark and a favorite Flemish composer… I think it’s time for you to consider moving to Europe, I’m sure you’d love it here! :+1::blush:


Is he not in Europe?

My impression is US?:thinking: I could be wrong.

I tried one with a Manticore Mantra but couldn’t tell much difference, I forget which but it had a button on top that opened a sort of chuch which gripped the spindle and pulled the clamp down a bit when the button was released. This was in the days of my Sansui AU217, scrounged SUTs in a plastic boxand an Eroica L on a Rega RB300 so not particularly high resolution.

Next up was a Townshend Rock mk2, this had a dished platter and screw down clamp and using it without never lasted long.

My Artemis came with an acrylic mat and a 100g delrin weight, a combination that seemed optimum compared to either no weight or an HRS weight I had kicking around. Replaced the acrylic mat with a Herbie’s “way excellant” mat and now no weight is preferable.

I find solo piano is rather telling, particularly the way the high notes ring but sometimes you can optimise on that and find other music a bit more confused so it takes a bit of experimenting.


I’ve just noticed that this clamp is made by Souther. Are they still going? I remember the Souther linear tracking tonearm back in the '80s (IIRC it was a design subsequently bought by Clearaudio) but hadn’t heard from them since.

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Tried a Michell clamp on LP12 (various incarnations) and Regas (P9 thenP10)…total destroyer of the music.

I use a reflex clamp on my TT. Very effective for removing vinyl wraps.