Record Cleaning Machines

New RCM incoming today. Exciting.

Any hints and tips from existing owners welcome.

My starting point = all my collection already cleaned with Okki Nokki over the past 4 years so nothing heavily contaminated.

Looking forward to getting started. I thought long and hard about the cost of this but concluded that my Klimax+ spec LP12 deserves it. Let’s see.


Bloody heck, it looks like a toaster on steroids!

I can’t visualise where the LP goes (or indeed whether it comes out in the same shape as it went in).

I’ve never used a record cleaner. I replace the inner sleeves of all my LPs when I first get them with high quality Mobile Fidelity or similar sleeve, and I clean the stylus before playing each LP.

I’d be interested to hear what other Members do.

There’s a good bit of discussion, and references to other threads, in this thread:

Worth a read :slight_smile:

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Hi @Toon
Great purchase. I’d absolutely love one!!
Get on the current Degritter thread - we’d love to hear your views and experiences of your new fancy RCM.

RCMs are a great idea, but you don’t need to use them too often. All my LPs have been through an Audio Desk Systeme at some time.

My top suggestion, if you have not got an RCM, is get a friend who has one to lend it to you for a few weeks. Even cheaper than Okki Nokki!


When I had my LP12, I used an Okki Nokki.

All my records were cleaned and once done stored in Nagaoka anti static inner sleeves.

Not only did this stop the static and the slip mat stay on the LP12, but there were no snaps, crackles or pops, plus there was dead silance in between the tracks.


Hi there. I find the simple Project RCM works perfectly. Makes a real difference to background noise and static. I use the “Art du Son” fluid.
May have to experiment with upgraded mains leads and bespoke support though!!


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