Record Collection Pics

Is there a thread re collection pics ? If not, here’s a new one

Just had permission to move my collection to the spare room :slight_smile:


Yep - you missed the train…



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That looks a good sized and well organised collection.
Waiting on my Cabinet Maker to build my new racks. At the moment, mine is in large open boxes.
New racks will be Cherry Ladders to match my LP12 and Fraim, supporting toughened glass shelves, hopefully in smoked finish.


My LP record collection grew to about 450 albums and then started to be accompanied by CD records. Prior to CDs my LPs were stored in a solid teak cabinet I made - from old laboratory worktops (the acid and other deeply stained surface on the underside, the former undersized on top, French polished). For various reasons that cabinet was repurposed, and LPs stored in a modified IKEA Billy bookcase - modified making narrower so not so much weight on a long shelf that would cause bowing. Recordings on CD stored in a matching, but shallower, Billy. Then some 12-14 years ago I ripped all my LPs, making CDs out of them. I retained the original LP .wav files when I made CDs, so didn’t need to rip those when I ripped my CDs. My entire collection - around 1200 albums, now lives in a silver coloured box about 8cm by 8cm by 4cm:
Not as aesthetically pleasing in itself as a shelves full of LPs and CDs, but has provided greater flexibility with room layout and soace for other things.


My ‘00’s of CD’s will be ripped to my Mac, but I couldn’t ever consider giving up my Vinyl.

Simple and straightforward decision based on sound quality. Ripping meant sound of vinyl preserved, albeit with the benefit some painstaking manual processing to remove any distinct pops and clicks. However for most worn and favourite albums (mostly one and the same!) have since beed replaced with pristine downloads where available. Never any reason to look back in terms of sound, but with some I do miss the physical album sleeves, and occasionally feel nostalgia for that je ne sais quoi mystique of the physical process of playing an LP.

Listen to yourself!:sunglasses:


Thanks for pointing out my incongruity! Of course I meant sound of vinyl minus clicks and pops preserved!

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I am feeling shy but here is my collection housed in the Ikea Kallax


There are more records stacked upright on the floor, run out of space in my little listening sanctuary.

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Not to scale.



Bowie fan I see!

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