Record deck tinkering

Had a play with my Rega P8 today as I wanted to see if the tracking and azimuth were able to be checked for accuracy with my two channel oscilloscope and the hi-fi news test record
Quite pleased to see channel balance was fairly close
The tracking check clearly showed the signal starting to “break up” evenly on both channels on the final and most torturous track (sorry no picture)…all the others tracking tests were passed with flying colours.

The offset traces are the azimuth track on the LP and show a nice trace also
The signal level is quite even …indicating a nice balanced output from the cart…and anti skate setting

I also connected up to the speaker leads as I thought that I was getting more volume on the right channel against the left
But again …levels on the scope did not back this up

Nice exercise.

That doesn’t capture the impacts of drivers and/or room interaction. I’d say that requires a microphone to measure.

This looks like so much fun!

Haven’t used an oscilloscope since school. If I picked up a cheapo Chinese one (not CRO) do you think I’d be able to do this?

It looks like it’s still alive and breathing.

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Good point about room interaction and drivers… though I have swopped the speakers from left to right previously as one check for the drivers of course

I should point out that the traces in the original post were after everything was optimised and tweeked Inc antiskate and tracking weight and cartridge alignment…

I think a “cheap” Chinese scope would cost more than an old CRT scope … seriously…mine was £27 of the bay … INCLUDING delivery…they literally are not wanted now…( Though I did spend another £7 on a probe set) about 2 or 3 years ago

Bit miffed now I didn’t take a picture of the distortion on the “ultimate tracking” track…it really was easy to see the onset of cartridge miss tracking…and to even it up with the antiskate and tracking weight adjustment

Please don’t try this if your not certain of what your doing… although we are only talking 1 to 5 volts …its the expense if a mistake happens that I would not like you to experience… though compared to buying a Foggometer…or whatever they are called…this is a Much better route IMO

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