Record deck with Mu-So

Hi, very new to this, so please bar with me and forgive my ignorance/stupid question. I have an ION Bluetooth record deck, which I managed to pair with mu-so qb. Ok, but not brilliant sound, so question is ‘is there a better option’ ‘better record deck’ I don’t want/can’t afford mega bucks, so maybe up to 300 or 400. Also have Naim mu-so 2

Take a look at the rega planar 1 plus, you would connect via the line in mini jack socket.
You would get better performance with the Naim nait5si and suitable speakers if you upgrade your amplification later.

Hi, there are plenty of decent turntables within your budget. I would look at one if the entry level Regas, or maybe something from Project. You will need a phono stage, and a lead will connect to the 3.5mm jack input, which should give better results than Bluetooth.

FYI the rega planar 1 plus includes a phono stage, so you would just need an appropriate cable. I believe there is an equivalent model from project with integrated phono stage; either one as Chris says, will be much better than your Bluetooth turntable.

Thank you Robert, I have had a look at the Rega and I think this might be just about right for what I need

Thank you Chris, I have looked at the Rega, will also take a look at project

Project make several several wireless/blutooth turntables with buitt in phono stages
if possible better sound by a wired connection

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