Record Store Day 2021

RSD (maybe should be “days”) drops have been confirmed for 12th June and 17th Julyfor this year.

Apologies if this has been in one of the threads already.


Thanks Swanny - I often miss these days and some interesting potential purchases.

I should of course have added the RSD website link;

@Richard.Dane Hope this is OK. Feel free to edit/delete if necessary.

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The releases for the record drops for both 12th June and 17th July 2021 have now been announced.
Either visit the website using the previous link or check out the pdf list here;

There’s 19 pages of releases, so there must be something of interest. No?

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Our local NL list differs a bit I think. I can’t see the Bill Evans Behind the dikes 1969 3 LP set on the UK list, but I might be mistaken, the websites are somewhat slow. If that is an analog pressing of Another Time, it could be something to look out for.

Others on my vinyl watchlist: Donny - Live, Donna - Bad Girls, Trane - Naima/Favorite Things.

Interesting RSD list. I wasn’t able to access the site last night as it just kept crashing (using Safari & Chrome).

I’ve put together a small nice to have list, but surprised there’s no Bowie RSD items this time round (unless I missed something). Will be interesting as to how it all works out this year, as I guess stores should be open by the release dates. I like the staggered two date schedule though.

What’s that Mike Taylor Quartet ‘Preparation’ on Sunbeam? New material? :thinking:

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