Record Store Day 2022 on Saturday, April 23

The industry, yes probably. But there are lots of small labels and artists who reissue albums for and with love

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My 2 from yesterday - already had the Dalis Car but it was a £1 2nd hand buy and not in the best condition shall we say - Ultravox is a new / old release - may get to play them later or more likely tomorrow!

Saw the queue in Frome, wasn’t sure I’d get what I went for. Pleased I stayed. Just listened to both on my old turntable, very enjoyable.

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Albert Ayler 5LP set is in the mail. :grinning:

Seems to be heck of a lot of board members living in and around Frome !

That ended well :joy:


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Jimmy Clitheroe with a guitar.

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I resent and rarely queue for anything.

My gut feeling is that:

a) It raises awareness of vinyl and record stores
b) Most of those queuing couldn’t give a hoot about vinyl apart from exploiting RSD issue resale potential


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Yeah, but a) is worth it. The queuing and people buying only to resell sucks. However, in any case many nice releases on and around that day, often very limited, so is good to have eyes open

Yes, a) is good, b) is bad.

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You would think that they would do something like EasyJet priority board for those people that don’t do queues.

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