Recording from a Nova?

I think I already know the answer to this question, but just in case any of my esteemed acquaintances know better than me, i will still ask ‘stupid question of the week’ After a recent post in which I asked for your thoughts on good quality audio recorders I finally settled on one and bought it. On coming to connect it to my Nova I realised that the only output sockets are for sub/power amps which means that the output is subject to levels controlled by the volume knob! Which means that the output to the speakers is sometimes a touch too loud especially at night, Does anyone know of a work around? I tried plugging headphones in to banish the speaker output, but of course this also mutes the rear sockets, therefore no output to the recorder!!

The only output is via the pre-out. Of course, it does beg the question of why would want to record anything off the Nova that can’t just be done via a computer.

If you want to record vinyl or any other analogue source then best keep the Nova out of the chain as it will digitise any analogue input. In which case just take signal directly from the phono stage line output to the recorder.

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Thanks Richard, I am mainly recording vinyl, but the PC and HiFi are in separate rooms and never the twain shall meet due to space limitations I’m afraid, and I’ve always been suspicious of the quality of PC audio components and whilst everything in that sense would be digital I’ve recently found there is a quality difference when recording a ‘sample’ piece from Tidal on the PC and then from the Nova to the Tascam unit which can record at upto 48/192, and I guess I’m also a bit ‘old school’ lol.

That’s fine, and I agree about keeping computer kit in with the Hifi - I keep things strictly separate save for the ethernet connection to the Core.

In which case, just take the line out from the phono stage directly to the Line in of the recorder.

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Thanks for that advice, I hadn’t thought of that!

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