Recording from Nova?

Hi, does any one know if an audio recording can be taken from any of the rear sockets on the Naim Nova please? The sockets I thought might be usable are (I believe) for connecting power amps to the Nova, thank you in anticipation of an answer coming my way!

The Unitis don’t provide a tape/rec output. You could use the pre-out but it will go through the volume control.


Thank you Richard, I appreciate your input.

The oddity is the original Uniti & Uniti2 have a line out. I presume you’re trying to record from the internal streamer?

…brings back memories of taping ‘The Hitch-Hickers Guide to the Galaxy’ from the radio on my cassette player by holding it near the radio’s speaker and insisting everyone was quiet for half an hour…


Yes El-Soldado you’re right on the original Uniti’s, and also on the assumption of recording from the streamer, where allowed of course!!

Yeah, happy days, my parents did the same with top of the pops and the top 40, but then who didn’t?


So it wasn’t just me then! :slightly_smiling_face:

Haha, no mate, probably best part of the countries families at some point!!

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