Recycle Bin on HDX

Hi, how do I permanently delete/empty the recycle bin on my HDX. ‘System Status’ on HDX displays “Recycle Bin - Albums” and “Recycle Bin - Tracks” displays high numbers. I presume these are tracks and albums I have deleted using the naim n-serve app?

Any help or advice please.

Using nServe, the desktop app., if you click “maintenance” on the top left of the page, then on the new page, you should see “recycle bin” on the list of locations, and clicking on this will allow you the option of emptying the bin. :+1:

Hi, thank you for your prompt response. I’ve just downloaded the latest version of naim n-Serve onto my iPad and cannot locate a maintenance option on the top left of the page? I suspect this may only be available when viewed on a MAC?

PS - I am a Windows user and not MAC.

The easiest way to go would be to use the HDX itself. From home/startscreen -> Manage music - Recycle Bin.

Hello @reynolw, it’s been a while since I’ve owned an HDX - and also a Windows user.

Dave is talking about the Desktop Client (DTC). The HDX Desktop Client is an application that can be installed on a PC running Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista or Windows 7:

IIRC you can download this together with the latest firmware here:

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Thank you. That worked just fine.

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