Recycling plastic packaging/wrappers

This after following some Tesco links is interesting - we discussed compostable plastic some time ago as I read much of it is not easy to compost domestically as high enough temps aren’t reached, plus concerns regarding what some of these biodegradable plastics actually decompose into and much of it may simply be polluting the compost with invisible unnatural compounds.

Good to see Tesco wanting to avoid them.

Don’t get me started on this one :wink:

I try to diligently recycle as much as possible. My local Sainsburys introduced a rack saying to put crisp packets, plastic wrappers like tomatoes, potatoes etc. etc. in there - great!. Then they took it away. Why?. Said people were chucking any old crap in there like sandwich crusts and they had to remove it. I now have to go to a bigger Sainsburys once a week on way back from gym to put carrier bag of recycling into their container - how many other people bother to do that !. Not many I reckon. As you say does it really get recycled anyway

Then Cat food foil packs Tetra pack. Best I could find was Pets at Home trialling receptacles but at present only in the north so no good for me (yet). Again what do most people do - brown bin I suspect

Our local tip started charging £5 for a small bag of rubble. I questioned why and said it will only encourage people to shove in waste brown bin. Shrug shoulder.

Emailed local councillor about all the above and got usual flannel politicians answer.

What hope is there !

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“Please sir can I have 43 red grapes, plus a mushy green one placed at the bottom with white fur”



Yes, unfortunately society is full of utter twits who are either too stupid or simply couldn’t care less and spoil it for those that do.

From our council’s waste and recycling site:

A couple of years ago I went to put some recyclable items in a collection point at a festival - full of used nappies, food waste etc.

As you say, what hope is there?


With out wishing to cross the politics line. councils are not allowed to sell their compost - I was astonished :hushed: to find this out. So that £140,000 is not recovered from the sale of compost.

Probably not surprising as they simply wouldn’t have time to inspect the stuff sent to compost which could harbour many unleasant things - from invasive plant species to any manner of unpleasant items which simply shouldn’t be in there. Seems likely however that it is used to good effect in municipal gardens/parks etc.

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I have asked councillors if they could do a video about recycling, to enable us to work better with the recycling - no joy

Our local Tip sells compost by the bag…

£3.40 per 40 ltr bag…

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