Redundant Flatcap 2 or

I replaced my NAC 112 and CD5 with a NAC-N 172 XS and took the Flatcap 2 out as there didn’t seem to be any need for it. I’m starting to doubt my logic so thought I would ask for opinions.

In related news I’m just replacing the individual power cables to my 172 which is paired with a NAP140 with a Graham’s Hydra and have put a Russ Andrews powerbar in for my LP12/Rega phono stage/Yamaha A/V amp/Humax/Sony Blu-Ray, after much debate.

Your logic is sound.

And how does the N172XS sound in place of the CD player and preamp and FC2?

I’ve been very happy with the 172, which is ethernet cabled to my media library is on a Synology DS716 using Minimserver and Bliss. More than happy to have dropped CDs. Unfortunately I now realise that for the first time - and second along with my first generation Mu-So I have two cul de sac products, the first time ever from Naim, which is a great shame.

What do you mean by “cul de sac products”? The Mu-So and NAC-N172 should carry on performing and doing what they’ve always done for you for many years, just like your CD5 did and your NAC112, or were they similarly “cul de sac products”?

You lost me after 172 but thanks for reminding me why I love my CD player and preamp!

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Thanks Richard. I’m primarily referring to the cessation of software updates to the 172XS and first generation Mu-So. This will likely become an issue when the Spotify Higher Res service is finally released. The Mu-So was purchased new in 2016 and the 172XS in 2013.

Additionally about a year ago the display failed on the 172XS, and although it was only just outside its five year warranty I was quoted over £300 and many weeks away to have it replaced. Contrast that to the upgrading of my original NAP110 to a NAP140, although even that had to be serviced by Class A the last time, due to the new service regime in Salisbury. I do realise that times change and it’s just not possible to just pop in any more - for many reasons.

And, in terms of future proofing, currently there’s no upgrade path from the 172XS on the horizon.

As a Naim customer since 1974 I’m bound to look back to “how things used to be” but that’s life.

Naim has been a wonderful ride, I just hope that there’s a way for me to continue in the future.

However the question of the day is where should my system go now?

I’m not aware that Naim have stopped software updates on these products. They may not be able to easily or possibly add new features or services, but they are still supporting the software and will update as and where possible or where features can be improved or bugs fixed.

Your CD5 was also a cul de sac I guess because it only played CDs and couldn’t be upgraded or updated to play other things.

There never was an upgrade path for the NAC-N172xs, as there was no power supply upgrade available for it. However, it does at least have digital inputs that allow you to add other peripherals, something the CD5 never had…

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