Reflex Ultra versus Lite

There was a thread on the old Naim Forum started by J.N. on his experiences of the Reflex Ultra G3 mains block over the Lite version.

Although there is already a thread running on Mains block that is somewhat generic and I thought it might be worth just talking about the Ultra G3

I do not think I do J.N. a dis-service to summarise his findings as ‘brilliant’

Encouraged by his findings I too borrowed a G3 for my system. Significant improvements, it did for my CD player what changing from a Skala to an Etna had done for TT; extra weight at the bottom end (half an octave?) and improved clarity throughout the range, an ability to hear into the music and understand the various strands making up the whole.

If anyone already has a Reflex Lite you owe it to yourself to hear what a G3 Ultra can do; you know it makes sense.

Following J.N. and your experiences with the upgrade I just had to try it in my system… I must say with some scepticism.

Well, Signals kindly posted one up to me which arrived this morning.

Wo, I was not expecting this, what an upgrade and I fully understand the enthusiasm being lavished on the product. All the usual things one gains from an upgrade that really works… better soundstage, instruments sounding more real, better bass handling and so on. On intimate acoustic or small combo music you really feel as if you could reach out to the artists right there in your listening room.

As discussed on the mains block thread I cannot begin to understand what is going on here given the path the mains has taken from its generation to the house, it seems ridiculous but it certainly works.

Hi Nix, would you say this is a bigger sound quality upgrade than the super lumina cable you borrowed?

Gazza I would say it brings similar benefits in the context of my system.

Too long ago to recall the SL effects, I would need to revisit a very old thread on the old (and better?) Naim Forum. My memory of that thread was that in the context of my system the SL cables were both the icing on and foundations of the cake that was the 552. Oddly enough I have not got on with SL interconnects in my system. As I said in my opening thread, I thought my move from Lyra Skala to Etna was revelatory, and others can attest to that change. This mains block had a similar effect on the CD player (and of course the TT) and is very noticeable (and at a much cheaper cost). The 300PS, btw, is not plugged into the RUG3, but into the spare socket of the double outlet fed from my hi-fi spur. Perhaps I can stop dreaming about a 500 (sorry, Alastair), unless…

Sitting here with many thousands of pounds of SL on test, a mains block could be interesting even at a grand.

Costs nothing to home dem one … got to be done methinks.

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For reference I use this plugging order (as set up by DB)

Socket 1 (Nearest the mains input) 552PS DR
Socket 2 Empty
Socket 3 555PS DR Analogue feed to ND555
Socket 4 Melco
Socket 5 Empty
Socket 6 555PS DR Digital feed to ND 555

The block is fed by a Powerline from a double unswitched MK socket on my dedicated spur. My 500PS is plugged into the other socket on the double.

My LP12 powered by a Radikal is plugged into the ring main as I prefer the Naim gear powered separately from the Linn.

Got to go back on Tuesday, so maybe😁

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