Refreshing drinks for a hot summer - suggestions please

A sticky muggy evening here on top of the Cotswold escarpment.
To refresh myself after walking the dog I’m downing a dash of angostura bitters with Fevertree cucumber tonic. Perhaps a sprig of mint would assist?
What other beverages do people turn to on evenings like this?

A big glass of milk, topped with some coconut milk and lots of ice is what I had this lunch time and just now some Henry Weston vintage cider that’s been super chilled.
Good old Rose’s lime cordial with soda water still hits the spot.
A nice cup of proper brewed tea does wonders.

On a hot day, leaving aside a fresh tap water by the pint, it is hard to beat nice pint of refreshingly bitter but light ale, like Hop Back’s Summer Lightning or Okell’s MPA, but best draught at cellar temperature. At home bottled is only second best, and must only by cooled not refrigerated (in practice a blend from two bottles, one refrigerated and the other not can work well - easy if two of you are drinking).
Alternatively at home I often go for Aperol Spritz, though perhaps with more soda than normal. Or Mojito, strong on the fresh mint (grows like mad in the garden). Even something very simple like Campari and soda. (The latter three of course with copious amounts of ice - and I tend to make in pint glasses.)

Tea - English Breakfast style with milk, or Chinese tea (my favourite is one with ginseng) - goes down well almost whatever the weather, though perhaps not on the very hottest of days. Again I always drink by the pint!

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We know hot and humid here but we are learning about drinks beyond beer and wine for hot weather. These are worthy I hope.

Try a Hemingway Daiquiri. Daiquiri with grapefruit juice and Luxardo instead of sugar. For all you health nuts. These have been a hit at our house.

I also saw this one recently in our beloved Garden and Gun magazine. Have not tried it but it’s on our list. Might skip the blender.


    • 4 oz. dry rosé wine
    • 1 oz. Giffard Pamplemousse
    • ¾ oz. fresh lemon juice
    • 1 cup crushed ice
    • ½ oz. Campari


  1. Put wine, Giffard Pamplemousse, lemon juice, and ice in a blender and process until smooth. Pour into a rocks glass and float the Campari on top. Garnish with lemon wheel.


Excerpted with permission from Session Cocktails: Low Alcohol Drinks for Any Occasion by Drew Lazor and the Editors of Punch


I love a Suntory Kakubin Highball on hot summer night, great refreshing drink…essential on humid summer night in Japan.

However, not much beats a great Gin and Tonic, in recent times I have really enjoyed Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla.


That’s my Saturday morning choice after a visit to the farmer’s market.

Darjeeling for me … no milk or sugar

I like the quantities… mine’s a pint please

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What’s this?
I like the sound of that grapefruit cocktail - sadly conflicts with my statin, unless I try it for breakfast.

Elderflower cordial lemonade and ice, so refreshing


Indian Lassi is popular where it is very hot. A thick yogurt drink with spices and sugar.
In Thailand they love that iced coffee made with condensed and evaporated milk with added cardamom spice.


Luxardo is a bitter maraschino liqueur. There may be a better word for it. A little goes a long way.


Thanks - sounds tasty. I’ll mention it to the bar owner for this Saturday.

Even better when it’s home made elderflower. Wife made a batch a while ago and froze it into ice cubes. Pull a couple out mix with fizzy water and a slice of lemon. Wonderful. The latest batch of elderflower came from the village churchyard and seems to taste better for it!

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And you are making no bones about it!

A jug of Pimms and sugar-free lemonade. Lovely

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Classic even with mint and cucumber

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Chilled buttermilk…

Nothing better than this

The body loves it.

Recommend in the old texts as well as by modern science

Non alcoholic

Here in summer temperatures get very hot in India.


Where in India are you? It’s a place that has always fascinated me, and I hope to visit before I get too old.

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do come over someday…

the Monsoons are from June thru August - so you may want to factor that in.

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could be cold if you like.

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