Refurbished Muso 1

Hello everyone hope you are all keeping safe and enjoying the fine weather . My first post . I am tempted by a refurbed Muso 1 and was wondering what exactly goes into a refurb. is it just a damp cloth and rebox or do they go back into the final pre delivery test and check against usual high standards. Any clues welcomed . Cheers .

Can’t help with your query but those offered do seem to have a two year guarantee.
I was tempted too but I think it’s just too big for the location I had in mind (to replace a Mu-so Qb).

Depends when it was done, there has been a dedicated muso servicing area at the Salisbury factory for a while now. Grading a/b/c is done based on physical appearance only. They are all tested to ensure they work correctly, fixed where necessary (and feasible), cleaned up and boxed.

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Thanks Robert, very helpful answer. I did e-mail Naim Support , But I guess they are inundated at the moment. Stay safe , all the best . George

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