Refurbished Troika but which option?

Want to get my Troika refurbished.

The Goldring repair service offer 2 options. Aluminium tube cantilever vital diamond or a boron tube cantilever with micro ridge diamond .

The boron is 50% more expensive.

Any views as to the pros and cons of either fix?


I went with the boron option, and am very pleased with the results. Give your Troika the red carpet treatment it deserves!

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See the responses to your post on PFM.

I have an old Troika, Can I be cheeky and ask how much you have been quoted to refurb as I really need to do mine? Understand if you don’t want to say.

I remain very envious of all you Troika owners. It’s not easy to find even an old one to send to Goldring to have them bring it back to life.

None of the rebuilt Troika carts are the same as the original.
Goldring never made them but did do the Klyde I always thought it was a clone of it.
Only a Supex Troika sounds right.

I was quoted £400 + vat.

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