Rega 3 into Uniti 2 won’t go

I have borrowed a friends Rega deck in an attempt to revive my vinyl collection that I have not heard in years. However, having hooked it up to my Uniti 2 via an analogue phono input, I’m not hearing my LPs too well. The sound is thin and I’m having to crank up the volume past 60 to hear at moderate levels. Nominally only use amp up to 30 or so for normal listening to CD, radio, tv, server etc. What am I doing wrong? I’m using a moving magnet cartridge (Linn K9). Do I need a pre amp between the Rega and the U2? Help please!!

A phono stage!

Yes you need a phono stage. The Rega Fono A2D will work fine. And you’ll need a cable from the phono stage to the Uniti 2.

Thanks for clearing this up. I do possess an old Quantum 102 pre-amp and wondered whether in my naivety this might do the job?

I had to look the Quantum up and it appears to be a preamp with a phono, line in and tape loop.

I can’t see why not but is potentially not ideal compared to a dedicated phono stage. If you use the line out instead of the preamp out I’d imagine it would work.

I’ll give it a try and report back

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