Rega 50th anniversary edition

A little curious about the Rega Planar 50th anniversary edition, anyone who has listened to it and wants to share their thoughts?

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I purchased the 50th Anniversary Edition a few months ago. This was a purchase from the heart not the head, I didn’t bother auditioning it so purchased unheard. I graduated in 1979 and I purchased the original Planar 3 as a present for myself. Eventually I upgraded to an LP12. This was sold a few years ago but I kept the records. I missed the record playing experience but couldn’t justify purchasing another LP12. Then along came the Anniversary Planar 3 and the itch had to be scratched.

I replaced the feet with a spare set of Isoacoustic Orea Bronze I had. It is sited on my Fraim stack and plugged into a Supernait 3/Hi-Cap DR. For the money the sound is really good, far better than it has any right to at this price point. It is all there - good soundstage, detail, clarity and musicality by the bucket load. I’m sure there are better Rega decks out there but I doubt there is anything from any manufacturer this good at this price. It is not often I find myself in full agreement with a magazine review but this review from What Hi-Fi mirrors my own experience.

If you want good vinyl playback for (relatively) not a lot of money you can’t go wrong with this Rega. My wife now prefers listening to vinyl rather than digital via our NDX2/XPS that cost nearly 10x as much. I don’t prefer it but it does bring a different and very enjoyable experience.


You can’t beat vinyl, no matter what anyone might say.


I auditioned it against a Rega P6 and a regular P3, all using the Exact MM cartridge in the demo.

There’s a (wide) gap between both P3’s and the P6. The P6 is a very signficant step up from the 3’s, in terms of clarity, control of the bass, the size of stereo image and the projection of everything within the soundstage.

Having said that. The P3 anniversary benefits from the supplied 24V sinus wave generator (the Neo) for the motor, and probably from the smaller tweaks as well, but it is the motor control that makes most of the difference. And it has the walnut look, which the regular P3 doesn’t offer. As a result, it has a bit more control than the regular P3 in sound reproduction. The anniversary edition sounds as a regular P3, with better grip on the music and as a result a cleaner soundstage. In size, the soundstage is roughly the same. In terms of how it sounds, how it produces the sounds you hear, it is the same as the regular P3.

Th P3 is a great sounding, fun record player. Very rhythmic and with drive in the music. The Anniversary Edition is a great package for the price offered. As such, if the budget allow, I would choose it over a regular P3.


Thanks for interesting answers. The reason for my question is that I am thinking of trade-in my 272 for a new 222 and to be able to use the built-in riia stage in the 222, I need a suitable turntable. I currently have a Michell Engineering TecnoDec with a Hana ML which is an MC pickup so it wouldn’t work with the 222. My TecnoDec and my Hana ML would go as a trade-in to limit costs… But like I said, just thoughts for now.

Never heard NC222 or Tecnodec but Hana are indeed very different to a Rega Exact.

Yes, but both have their qualities although Hana ML is probably considered better.

If you like the Hana ML it is also available as high output MC. Should work with the phono stage in the NC222. You could then keep the Michell.


Or you could consider using a step-up trafo for your existing deck.

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It certainly looks like a real bargain. I’ve modified my original 1980’s Rega Planar 3 with the 24V motor, Neo PS and Exact cart, and it certainly performs way above what one would expect.

I don’t think you can go wrong with the Rega’s, all great at the respective price points.


regarding P3-50th price, in fact you get the Exact cartridge for free, counting the retail pricelist.

Another great thing with Rega 50th is you can order it within this year 2023, meaning most people have a chance to save up or sell on their current player.

Wonder how many Nait 50 amps Naim could have made and sold on, doing the same exersize…


I used to own several versions of the Planar 3 in the past. I’m planning to get a P3 50th and keep it stock for the historical significance of the brand.

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New Rega Aya loudspeaker on their web, not a 50th product it seems, but nevertheless looks promising in good Rega fashion.
Could be nice to have them up against my RX3.

I think they look rather good and at £1500 commendably accessible pricing, plus a nice easy amp load at 89.5dB too. I wonder how they’d pair with a Nait2…


That’s a chic system :sunglasses:


They are a nice shape, reminiscent of the Art speakers that seemed all the rage a few years ago.

An interesting choice of material too, no wood/mdf/veneer in sight.

@HungryHalibut Yes, they are rather elegantly proportioned, and nice to see three point levelling too. There are also optional grilles available.

@robert_h From the Rega website… “Custom GRC cabinet (glass reinforced cement)”. A truly refreshing innovative approach instead of the usual (predictable) materials.

@LindsayM Isn’t it! Thought the media unit is pretty attractive also.


I’d assumed they would use the same material as the new kyte, but that’s phenolic resin.

Must say they look very smart. Rega seem to spend time making well engineered products at realistic prices. I will be interested to see how these speakers are received. As an old time Ela owner, I’d be interested in peoples comments when they listen to them.