Rega Albums Choices at the Bristol Hifi Show 2024

10/24 and listening to the others. At a show I would expect the best material to provide precisely a good show.

Some of this material is very, very well known and will help to find differences between the show and the same thing at home.

Is there a thread about the show?


Saw this whilst at airport and now it’s the listening choice for flight to Dublin, cheers, opening songs are showing promise.


Oh my days of flying out to Dublin from London on a regular basis on days like today are thankfully a distant memory. Hope the music calms the flight.

I own 8 of those show; however I don’t play them often, but thanks to @AndyP for recommending two I have not heard: June Tabor and Annette Askvik.


Yes same here. I have only two of them and hadn’t heard of any of the others. I Felt like I must have led a sheltered music existence!


Yes, I listen to rock too sometimes. Even though the Rega choice has gained some criticism on here it was a far wider choice than the female vocals or piano pieces in most of the other room. I did ask for some big brass band music in one room, but the polite reply was they only have access to a couple of tracks.

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1/24. I have a June Tabor but not that album.
I’d like to hear Ella & Louis, and Masakela.

I have 10 of the Rega selection which is a much better selection than most hifi shows imo. Harvest is a strange one though. My favourite Young album but I’ve never thought of it as well recorded. Depends which track was played I guess. Most dems at hifi shows seen to be presented by people who aren’t really interested in music. Clearly the Rega team is, looking at their selection. Can’t go wrong with Tabor, it was always Airs & Graces back in the day. Always beautifully recorded.

Have not been to a hifi show for years not due to lack of interest but don’t feel the need to but found this topic of Rega’s choice of music interesting. I have two of the albums albeit on CD and just raised a thought on how their choices would show off equipment capabilities etc. Before having my gear serviced I had a line up of discs/music that I would play including Eva. Cassidy that I knew would sound good especially Daft Punk Random Access. Other discs that were more complex like Mansun were put to one side. So I didn’t want to play what would show up the system. But of late I can now play what I like and if attending any demo to upgrade etc I would definitely be more impressed with my own choice of music. Remember hearing Radio Africa at a dealer demo when the Troika was launched, triamped Isobariks etc sounded mind blowing do I play that disc now yes but memory is a terrible thing sometimes in sound terms never matched it but still great music.

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